Narita airport selects RTX to improve the travel experience for passengers

Collins Aerospace, (NYSE: RTX) an RTX business, has been selected to deploy systems to improve the passenger experience through streamlined processing and self-service kiosks at NARITA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT CORPORATION(NAA).

ARINC cMUSE,the airport’s Common-Use Passenger Processing System will enable multiple airlines to share desks and boarding gate positions within the Narita Airport terminal in lieu of an airline being anchored to one check-in desk or gate. This flexibility allows airlines to rapidly change locations based on availability and reduce passenger wait times.

Additionally, ARINC SelfServTM Common-Use Self-Service kiosks speed the check-in process for travelers, allowing passengers to check bags and print boarding passes independently without the need to wait for an airport employee.

“We are working with the NARITA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT CORPORATION team and all the airlines flying to this airport to enhance the passenger journey and provide a reliable, innovative experience,” said Rakan Khaled, general manager of Airport Solutions at Collins Aerospace.

These solutions are designed to introduce a safer, contactless experience that reduces passenger wait times and congestion throughout the airport.


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