BOXER The global benchmark for Infantry Medium Forces

BOXER is today’s leading choice for a highly protected, fourth generation 8×8 armoured vehicle for modern Infantry Medium Forces. BOXER has been specially designed for Medium Forces tasks and is fully able to conduct combined arms manoeuvre, operating in partnership with modern MBTs. It provides the maximum tactical flexibility through superb mobility, the highest levels of protection and superior firepower. It is a future proof investment with excellent growth potential that provides commonality and interoperability with other allied forces. BOXER’s modular platform concept offers a common Drive Module and customised Mission Modules to maximise flexibility and utility. BOXER is combat proven (Afghanistan) and sets a benchmark standard for wheeled armoured vehicles.
Currently, six nations decided for BOXER with more than 1,500 units in different variants in service. BOXER has successfully completed deployments in a range of combat theatres, across high intensity operations and peacekeeping scenarios. BOXER was qualified also by the German authorities against the most demanding requirements of the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia and the Netherlands concerning performance, durability and supportability under harsh tactical and climatic conditions. In addition to government testing already conducted, BOXER protection was further enhanced for the United Kingdom, while its mobility and environmental performance was proven in trials conducted in Australia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
Compared with all other existing armoured 8×8 vehicles, BOXER offers the highest levels of protection, mobility and payload. Due to its unique modular concept, the number of possible variants is boundless. Currently more than 30 variants are available, ensuring homogeneous tactical operations across all envisaged roles, efficient logistic support and minimal training for maintainers and operators. Based on the vehicle’s unique modularity, the BOXER family can easily support additional capabilities and roles via new variants, new technologies, or other adaptations for any Brigades. System modularity allows additional Mission Modules to be purchased without Drive Modules, reducing the financial burden, addressing potential capability gaps easily and quickly as the need arises.

BOXER is the global benchmark of highly protected 8×8 armoured vehicles, contracted with six nations, winner of all competitive trials, proven in four GCC countries and successfully tested in all climatic zones worldwide.
BOXER modularity – common Drive Module and customisable Mission Module approach – offers unmatched utility and flexibility. Modularity also makes BOXER a future-proof investment unmatched by any competitor, because it maximises operational utility and flexibility, reduces whole lifecycle costs, and decreases the cost of implementing new variants.
BOXER is configured to withstand a wide range of threats across conventional and asymmetric war fighting scenarios. It offers the highest levels of protection against kinetic, blast and IED threats while providing superb mobility. It is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and easy to train users. It is built to last and will provide reliable service long after its competitors have ceased to work. These attributes make BOXER the best possible choice for any army.
BOXER modularity ensures reasonable logistical support costs and reduced training requirements by providing a complete family of vehicles based on a common platform.
The ease with which additional variants can be developed means all medium forces roles can be achieved, including IFV, APC, Command Post, Ambulance, Bridge Layer, Recovery, Artillery and Air Defence, with all versions using the common BOXER Drive Module.

Continuous system improvements, OEM spare part availability, growth potential and a cost-efficient future upgrade path, together with six user nations sharing feedback and upgrade development costs, guarantees the on-going functionality and technological performance for BOXER for the next decades.
The OEM for the BOXER vehicles, ARTEC BOXER UK was founded in 2023 as a 100% subsidiary of ARTEC GmbH. ARTEC GmbH itself is a Joint Venture of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), Rheinmetall Landsysteme and Rheinmetall Defence Nederland B.V. (RLS) with the headquarters based in Munich.
ARTEC is responsible for the BOXER development programme for Germany, the Netherlands, Lithuania and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland acting as the prime contractor. ARTEC is further in charge of the co-ordination of series production and is the focal point organisation for any BOXER export cases.
Furthermore, BOXER ARTEC UK is focusing on leading and delivering British BOXER vehicles to the export market as well as providing In-Service Support of the UK BOXER fleet.
The main tasks of ARTEC are Programme Management, System Engineering, Configuration Management, ILS Management and Contract Administration.

ARTEC with its parent companies, KMW and RLS, is the OEM for BOXER and provides professional programme management. This includes system engineering, configuration, and ILS management to ensure a future-proof capability is delivered across the entire BOXER customer base.
One of KMW’s and RLS’s core competences is the provision of turnkey solutions for armoured vehicle modernisation and replacement programmes. With experience fielding new land systems equipment in over 30 countries worldwide, including accompanying equipment and services, we guarantee a smooth roll-out and easy equipment fielding as well as know-how transfer to military organisations.
The ARTEC consortium are proven experts in world-wide know-how transfer for production, maintenance, training and service in international projects and engagements, as well as for external country operations, accompanying our customers for international missions, such as Afghanistan, to guarantee the service and support of our equipment.
We are Europe’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and system houses for mission-proven ground combat systems, providing cutting-edge technologies for armoured vehicles, training and simulation, service and long-life support, products tested and qualified also by the German MoD. The ARTEC consortium is fully committed to long-term relationships with our customer base, supporting our products fully over their lifecycle, and providing the highest levels of technical input, customer service, and through-life support.
This is based on 180 years of tradition and leadership in technology development within our sector.

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