Jordan Showcases best of its Products at World Defense Show

 Jordan Pavilion in the World Defense Show attracts many visitors from around the world. Jordan Design & Development Bureau – JODDB, Jordan Ammunition Manufacturing Services – JORAMMO, Jordan Advanced Machining Company, Jordan Light Vehicle Manufacturing , First Armor and Aselsan– Middle East are the major companies showcasing their products at the Pavilion.

Jordan Design and Development Bureau (JODDB) was established in 1999, as an independent military/civilian organization affiliated with the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF). The establishment of the Bureau was one of His Majesty’s Abdullah II, top priorities upon the assumption of his constitutional powers, in the aim of becoming the Arab defense nucleus in the region.

JODDB distinguishes itself in the MENA region through dedication to applying excellence in design and development, test and evaluation, technology incubation and providing a broad range of products, services and capabilities in various fields, including Land systems, Weapons, Ammunition, Electronics, Electro-optics, Troops gear, Disruptive future technology (AI, VR, Cyber Security, 3D Printing) projects, Ballistics Testing and Training, within a purpose-built free industrial zone, The Industrial Free Zone.

JODDB covers its activities under four main clusters:




The strategy of research and development in JODDB as a Design House relies on scientific and applied research methodologies that directed to accomplishment and meeting requirements of the end user from the beginning to the end of the development/research project.

The scope of work of the Research and Development Directorate covers several areas, including ground systems, weapons, electronic systems and unmanned systems, which are implemented by following best practices in project management, Projects development stages include: studies and research, design, manufacturing/prototyping, test and evaluation, and user trials. In addition, research and development activities focus on achieving technological progress and knowledge transfer through strategic partnerships with global research institutions by their participation in identifying, selecting and training next generation of Jordanian engineers and scientists.

The introduction of new locally developed products within the defense industries is an important competitive vantage that enhances self-reliance and sustainability.

Jordan Advanced Machining Company (JordanAMCO) has been established since 2006 as a centre of excellence for precision manufacturing in Jordan, to support the country’s developing industrial base, as well as exploring regional and international export opportunities.

JordanAMCO aims at being at the forefront of advanced manufacturing in Jordan, as well as providing machining services on a direct supply basis. The company also provides technical assistance to local manufactures with tooling selection, heat treatment, training requirements and assistance with understanding material properties and their machining technology.

A state of the art manufacturing facility has been custom built at the Industrial Park ( to house the operations of JordanAMCO. The original design concept enables the entire JordanAMCO team to operate a range of advanced machining equipment within an environment that encourages a dynamic energy and thus guaranteeing world class machining success.

An investment in the latest cutting edge technology in milling, turning, boring and forming machines, allows JordanAMCO to manufacture components from steel, cast iron, titanium, hastaloy and aluminium achieving manufacturing tolerances of ±0.008mm. The factory capabilities include: Heat Treatment, Machining, Grinding (Surface, Cylindrical), CMM Reverse Engineering, and a Training facility.

The company also has training facilities which are equipped with the latest technical equipment in order to keep up with the pace of developments in this sector. Through its training centre of the digital CNC programming of machines, advanced methods in precision industries have been used, and the maintenance of computerized lathe machines.

The main sector of JordanAMCO is the military industrial applications, which support the armed and security Jordanian forces along with the regional and international countries, through producing different types of race ring, track-shoes, picatinny rail and maintenance, in addition to other parts depending on the customer’s needs and requirements.


Jordan Light Vehicle Manufacturing LLC (JLVM)


JORDAN LIGHT VEHICLES MANUFACTURING LLC (JLVM) is a subsidiary of Jordan Design and Development Bureau (JOADDB), established in Jordan since 2003 to develop, manufacture and market specialist and protected vehicles for international military, law enforcement forces, governmental, and non- governmental organizations and other customers worldwide.

KADDB is an independent government entity within the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) aiming at becoming a global defense and security research and development hub in the region. The Bureau’s scope of work includes Defense Design and Development, Test and Evaluation, Technology Incubation in the Kingdom, and Defense Technology Training.

JLVM is specialised in developing special purpose vehicles built on commercially available chassis.  The main production lines range from soft skin and special purpose vehicles to fully armoured and Special Internal Security Vehicles (ISVs), in addition to 4×4 utility vehicles, Long Range Patrol Vehicles (LRPV), Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), Ambulances, to mobile medical solutions.

The products of JLVM are customer driven, where the production strategy followed by the company is “Build to Order” and “Engineer to Order”, while insuring best operational practices and the highest armouring standards.  The vehicles of JLVM are operated in more than 30 countries all over the world.

ASELSAN Middle East (AME) is a high technology multi-product company that aims to design, develop, test and produce state-of-the-art Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Systems in addition to various militaary Electronics and Electro-Optic Systems, Subsystems and Solutions. AME is a joint venture between King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) Investment Group (Jordan) and ASELSAN (Turkey).

AME performs production, sales, distribution, technical support and after sales activities to meet the needs of Jordan Armed Forces, Jordanian Civil Institutions and MENA region countries of Night Vision Goggles & Weapon Sights, Day Vision Sights and Thermal Cameras & Weapon Sights.

We also provide maintenance and repair services for our products throughout their life cycle and, being located in Jordan ensures that these services are provided in a time and cost effective manner for our clients in the MENA region.

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