Naval Group presents its expertise in unmanned platforms & technologies at UMEX

From 22nd to 25th January, Naval Group will attend the Unmanned Systems Exhibition and Conference (UMEX) in Abu Dhabi. This exhibit is dedicated to civilian and military drones and unmanned systems and constitutes an opportunity for Naval Group to present its unique unmanned naval offer.

Considered a genuine strategic asset, the naval use of drones and autonomous systems is increasingly sought after by navies for their intelligence, surveillance or seabed control missions. Due to the complexity of combat systems and the multiplicity of sensors and interfaces, the operation and integration of unmanned vehicles require specific expertise that Naval Group developed thanks to more than 15 years of R&D and innovation as well as feedback and partnerships with equipment manufacturers and our customer navies.

Naval Group, long-time partner of the UAE and the UAE Navy

Naval Group has a strong commitment in the UAE where it is established since 2010 with the objective of developing sustainable, long-term partnerships which contribute to national sovereignty.

Naval Group already has a successful experience with the UAE Navy for the design and construction of 2 Gowind corvettes ordered in 2019 and equipped with Naval Group’s MU 90 light-weight torpedo, ordered by the UAE Navy in 2022. The first corvette was delivered on 21 October 2023 in Lorient. The second corvette was launched on 13 May 2022 and is completing her sea trials in order to be delivered in 2024. As a turnkey solution provider, Naval Group is also training the UAE Naval Forces’ crew in France. This preparation will continue in UAE with team-building and practice on operational scenarii in every warfare domain.

The company wishes to reinforce its partnership with the UAE naval defense ecosystem and its participation in naval defense projects launched by the UAE Navy. Naval Group has a consistent and promising roadmap of industrial subjects to be implemented with various industrial partners in Abu Dhabi, proposing an ambitious focus on high added value transfers of technology and common R&D programs with UAE players.

Naval Group will present a large range of equipment and solutions including:

  • Unmanned systems expertise

Naval Group masters the entire value chain of unmanned systems: designer, manufacturer, and in-service support partner of unmanned naval combat systems in surface, underwater, mine and seabed warfare as well as integrator of any type of drone to its armed vessels.

Naval Group has developed several demonstrators of unmanned naval systems including M-USV (Sterenn Du), S-USV (Remorina from Sirehna), M-UUV (D2I) and an autonomous, long endurance, ocean-going XL-UUV demonstrator. The company is also actively enhancing its multi-mission/multi-drone system, I4drones®, to ensure seamless integration of unmanned systems into naval combat operations.

  • Autonomous Decision-Making Process (ADMP®).

The controlled autonomous decision-making process is the autonomy solution designed and developed by Naval Group as the “on-board brain” of its autonomous systems as well as third-party drones. The ADMP® enables the autonomous system to carry out its mission according to the objectives set by its supervising operator. It manages its energy potential, its sensors and its CU and adapts its behavior according to its environment and the hazards it encounters. The system cannot move outside a mission framework (immutable rules to which it must adhere). It reports regularly to its supervising operator. The ADC® equips the XL-UUV, M-UUV and M-USV demonstrators.

  • Mine countermeasures vessel

 Naval Group developed a new generation of mine countermeasures vessels which is one of the first native drone projection ship. This solution already chosen by the Belgian and Dutch navies is a complete paradigm shift in mine warfare by adopting a remote position (stand-off) which reduces the risk for personnel and the mothership and allows a substantial increase in the speed of coverage of mined areas.

These specialized and cyber secured by design mine countermeasures (MCM) vessels are the first to have the capability to embark and launch a combination of surface drones (themselves 12-metre, 18- ton vessels), underwater drones and aerial drones.

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