Small Arms Optics from Russia

Russia presented a new export product, an integrated survival and self-defense system intended for the aircrews that ejected from their aircraft or found themselves on the ground after an emergency landing, during the Dubai Airshow 2023. One of the elements in the system was the 5.56 mm AK-19 assault rifle with a short barrel, equipped with the latest PKU-2 collimator sight.During the EDEX 2023 expo at Egypt, the Russian media delivered details on the latest collimator sight.

The PKU-2M collimator sight significantly improves shooting accuracy. It is an advanced optical system that provides superior accuracy at a variety of shooting distances and conditions. The device has an extremely low parallax value, and the aiming point is reduced to two arc minutes, which increases the accuracy of aiming when shooting at small targets. Operating time – up to ten thousand hours. In addition, the sight is developed using high-contrast technology – the beam-splitter coating ensures high brightness of the aiming mark and does not distort the background color rendition.

The developer and manufacturer of the sight, Novosibirsk Instrument Making Plant, regularly upgrades existing sighting optics, taking into account the needs and wishes of consumers.

The new equipment includes a PN21K night monocular. This device allows surveillance in illumination levels up to (3-5) x 10-3 and improves overall awareness and safety during night operations. The design of the monocular allows to combine two monoculars into one binocular night vision device with single or triple magnification.

It is possible to place the monocular on the head or helmet, move it from one eye to the other, or mount it on a weapon using an adapter bracket on the Picatinny rail. The device is also equipped with protection of the electron-optical converter from short-term flashes of light. Thanks to the PN21K, it becomes possible to carry out effective operations in low light conditions

With inputs from EDEX 2023 edition of the Russian Aviation & Military Guide (RAMG).

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