Vektor’s Mobile Anti-drone System is Invisible to Radars

Russian Vektor Scientific Research Institute (part of the Vega Radio Engineering Corporation) has developed an integrated UAV detection and countermeasure system, which remains unseen by other radar stations due to it passive mode of operation with no active radio emissions. The system, uniting several sub-systems, is designed to protect various facilities of large and small length: hydro and nuclear power plants, oil and gas pipelines, airports, sea and river ports, facilities of law enforcement agencies.

“The experience and knowledge of Vektor Scientific Research Institute in the field of protection against UAV has enabled us to create in the shortest possible time an integrated system of drone detection and countermeasures, ensuring reliable protection of secured facilities. The enterprise offers solutions for monitoring, detection, identification, tracking and neutralisation of UAVs,” says the company on its official website.

Vektor’s new systems detect and engage intruding drones in the sector of up to 360 degrees, which, unlike dome systems, makes possible to use them for targeted suppression of specific intruding drones in a pre-identified sub-band of frequencies.

To provide a comprehensive protection of a facility against possible drone intrusion, different devices are used in an integrated manner, namely: passive radiolocation (PARLS), radio monitoring equipment (RM) and suppression systems.

PARLS and RM detectors are unique due to their invisibility to other radar stations as they operate in passive mode with no active radio emissions.  PARLS can detect approaching aircraft, including silent ones, at distances of up to 11.3 kilometres.

The suppression system provides suppression of signals from satellites and control panels. It has a sector suppression function with independent operating modes according to the instructions received from the detection devices. This allows the use of other UAVs and means of communication, if necessary, during the operation of the system.

All systems are compact: they fit into a few portable cases and can be up and running in 30 minutes. The system can also be convenient for protection of various outdoor events.

Vektor Scientific Research Institute is one of the leading Russian enterprises developing and manufacturing products in the field of radio engineering and radio electronics. It was established in 1908. The company develops and manufactures various UAV detection and countermeasure systems.

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