EDGE Strives to be a Global Beacon in Defence Tech

Mansour Mohamed AlMulla, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, EDGE Group at EDEX 2023

Ever since its inception, EDGE Group, an advanced technology group with more than 20 entities in the United Arab Emirates, has been striving to be a global beacon in developing advanced defence technology. By adopting best-in-class frameworks and Industry 4.0 technologies, EDGE has been inching towards achieving this vision and the elaborate presence of the group at EDEX 2023 is a reflection.

Speaking to Arabian Defence at EDEX, Mansour Mohamed AlMulla, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, EDGE Group, said that they have been driving higher quality and efficiency, and creating clear paths for talent to thrive within the advanced technology and defence industries. He said that participation in EDEX gives EDGE the ideal opportunity to showcase its capabilities and build better ties with friendly nations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

“We are participating in EDEX for the second time and the expo offers a plethora of opportunities to showcase EDGE group’s capabilities. Egypt has always been a key focus market for EDGE Group. EDEX is an opportunity to get introduced to new customers. In 2019, we started with just 21 products and now we have 159 products across domains, and out of them 77 have completed all stages and are ready for commercial production. The remaining 82 are under development and we hope to complete them soon,” AlMulla said.

The three main domains focused on by EDGE are Autonomous Systems, Precision or Smart Weapons, and Electronic Warfare (EW). EDGE has made key progress in drones with multiple applications including reconnaissance, weaponized ones etc. Under the Precision or Smart Weapons, EDGE is making conventional missiles smarter. Under Electronic and Cyberwarfare, EDGE has already developed eight products right from scratch that cover techs like interception, jamming, spoofing etc. Moreover, 12 other products in EW are under development.

“We create opportunities in critical domains including Precision Munitions, Autonomous Systems, Naval, Land Systems, Small Arms, Electronic Warfare, and Cyber Technologies. These are the focus areas we are keen on making progress in the coming years. EDGE Group is constantly expanding our product portfolio,” AlMulla said.

EDGE is also keen on expanding its export business and has already made significant progress. In 2022, EDGE Group reported export business worth 4 billion Dirhams, and consistent YoY growth is anticipated.

“We are looking at other countries to sell our products. Participation in EDEX not only will help us expand our exports but also ensure knowledge and capability development through mutual interaction with friendly nations. We aim to further cement our position in the sector where we excel,” he said.

EDGE Group could make great achievements within a very short period after its inception. “We want to perfect our ability to counter disruptions, neutralize threats etc. to make the UAE and its allies safe and secure. We are progressing and the global defence arena will be witnessing major announcements from EDGE Group soon,” he said.

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