Paramount Strengthens Defence Ties with Jatunapas at Defence & Security

In a showcase of partnership and innovation, global aerospace and technology company Paramount supports Jatunapas at Defence and Security 2023, highlighting their joint commitment to advancing Thailand’s defence capabilities.

The partnership between Paramount and local partner Jatunapas, one of Thailand’s leading defence and security companies, to manufacture the Mbombe 4 advanced Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV) in Thailand was announced last year.

At a Defence and Security 2022 ceremony, the domestically assembled ‘D-Lion’ (the name of the local variant) was officially handed over to the Royal Thai Armed Forces. Since then, the ICV has undergone a series of vehicle and live-fire trials by the Thai Armed Forces and DTI.

Steve Griessel, Paramount’s Group Chief Executive Officer, said the project was a testament to the company’s belief in the capabilities of Jatunapas and its commitment to technology and skills transfer, fostering local production, and contributing to the creation of jobs.

 “The impressive work undertaken by Jatunapas clearly reflects their commitment to advancing Thailand’s defence capabilities,” Griessel stated. “Jatunapas is known for their outstanding defence and security solutions. This partnership promises to set new benchmarks in defence innovation, and we are honoured to be part of this journey.”

The Mbombe 4’s continued expansion into the Asia-Pacific marketplace and beyond emphasises the success of the Paramount-pioneered portable manufacturing model.

The Mbombe 4 completes the highly advanced Mbombe family of combat vehicles, which have been designed to directly address the increasing demand for outstanding protection yet versatility in conventional and asymmetric warfare, counter-terrorism, and peacekeeping missions.

Manufactured with a distinct clean-sheet design while equipped with the latest technologies mission-critical to address the challenges of the modern battlefield, the Mbombe 4 provides high degrees of both ballistic and mine protection, offering some of the highest levels of protection that can be achieved globally by an armoured vehicle in its class.

Despite this, the 16 tonnes Mbombe 4 provides incredible versatility, a burst speed of 140km/hr, the ability to scale gradients at a 60% incline and a fording depth of up to 900mm, which can be executed without preparation. The Mbombe 4 can also be equipped with various weapon systems and loaded with ammunition, crew, and supplies.

Paramount is the global defence technology and aerospace business. It is a leader in defence and security innovation and is a trusted partner to sovereign governments across the globe. Paramount specialises in creating portable manufacturing facilities through technology and skills transfer, resulting in new local capabilities and sustainable jobs, proven to benefit not only local defence industrial capabilities but economic diversification and growth.

Paramount has been responsible for developing and producing a broad range of highly advanced armoured and mine-protected vehicles that are in operation worldwide. The family of APC and combat vehicles developed from clean-sheet design is at the vanguard of armoured vehicle technologies. These vehicles have been designed and developed to meet the increasing demand for multi-role, high mobility, and mine-hardened platforms, providing a solution to the ever-changing demands of the global battlefield.

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