25 National Pavilions at Defense & Security 2023

Defense & Security 2023 will be held from November 6th to 9th, 2023 at the IMPACT Exhibition Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. In this edition, there will be over 25 national pavilions representing countries from across the globe including Israel, Singapore, Thailand, India, South Africa, Japan, UK, Germany, US, Italy, France, Korea, China, Sweden, Canada, Romania, Turkey and more!

Within these national pavilions, you’ll discover cutting-edge defense and security technology, strategic solutions, and global collaborations that are shaping the future of the defense and security industry. The exhibits will feature a wide range of offerings, including weapons systems, launchers, missiles, tanks, guided weapons, military vehicles, aircraft, fighter jets, marine vessels, submarines, satellites, UAVs, telecoms and electronic defense equipment.

Additionally, the event will showcase cyber security and space technology, along with related equipment such as EOD devices, handguns, surveillance equipment, counter-surveillance tools, body armor vests, CCTV systems, mobile jammers, personal protection gear, electronic security devices and more!

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