ROSOBORONEXPORT to Develop Technology Partnerships with Friendly Countries  

JSC ROSOBORONEXPORT (part of Rostec State Corporation) to develop Technology Partnerships with friendly countries due to the pressing challenges facing the Russian defenсe industry and the system of military-technical cooperation. The company actively offers its partners new formats of cooperation within the global arms market trends in today’s environment.

“One of the key current tendencies in military-technical cooperation is a rising global interest in technology partnership. According to our estimates, the share of such projects will double by 2030 and occupy 40% of the entire global arms market,” Alexander Mikheev, Director General of Rosoboronexport said.

“ROSOBORONEXPORT has strong competencies in launching licensed production, setting up joint ventures and conducting joint R&Ds with foreign customers. We have an impressive portfolio of completed and current projects for all services of the Armed Forces.”

JSC ROSOBORONEXPORT has been fulfilling technology partnership contracts with foreign customers since the first year of its establishment. In 2000, the company signed a major contract with India’s HAL Corporation to organize licensed production of Su-30MKI aircraft in India. As early as next year, in 2001 another contract was signed with India for the licensed production of Russian MBTs. Production of Russian BMP-2 IFVs, 125mm Mango APFSDS rounds and Invar gun-launched ATGMs was also launched in India through JSC ROSOBORONEXPORT.

In addition to organizing licensed production on the customer’s premises,JSC ROSOBORONEXPORT actively operates in the field of establishing and managing joint ventures to manufacture Russian military products in partner countries.

The largest and best-known examples of this type of cooperation are the operating Russian-Indian joint venture for the production of AK-203 assault rifles in India with 100% final local content, as well as a joint venture engaged in modernization and maintenance of Su-30MKM aircraft. JSC ROSOBORONEXPORT also provides technical assistance in establishing special facilities in foreign countries as part of technology cooperation.

Russian design bureaus and manufacturers have a broad technology base and extensive experience in developing and making unique military products. As a result, the world market today shows strong interest in joint projects with Russia to develop new advanced models of weapons and military equipment.

“Technology partnership projects with foreign countries are mutually beneficial. On one hand, unique competencies of domestic arms manufacturers are in demand abroad. At the same time, our enterprises are able to focus on manufacturing and supplying products for the Russian Army, which is a top priority today. On the other hand, partner countries get opportunities to launch full-scale production on their territory and develop their own industrial base,” Alexander Mikheev added.

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