Japan Airlines Adopts Boeing Insight Accelerator for 787 Dreamliner Fleet

Boeing [NYSE:BA] and Japan Airlines (JAL) announced agreements that will improve the passenger experience including a digital predictive maintenance solution JAL helped develop and extensive interior modifications for a portion of JAL’s 787 Dreamliner fleet.

Insight Accelerator helps airlines to plan for predictive maintenance and reduce unscheduled maintenance through artificial intelligence and machine learning to quickly and accurately identify indicators of premature part degradation or malfunction. Boeing estimates these capabilities can reduce unnecessary inspections by up to 85% when an Insight Accelerator recommendation is implemented. Additionally, it shortens the time for predictive maintenance analysis from months to days.

“Insight Accelerator puts the power of data into the hands of our customers so they can address maintenance needs quickly and efficiently,” said Brad Surak, vice president of Digital Aviation Solutions, Boeing Global Services. “JAL has been a fantastic partner in the development and refinement of Insight Accelerator since 2017, and we look forward to seeing its broader implementation with the airline.”

Boeing will also provide an upgraded interior configuration for 787 airplanes. Boeing will perform the engineering work and supply component kits for the reconfigurations.

“It is an honor to bring JAL’s vision for 787 cabin interiors to life through our cabin modifications,” said Kate Schaefer, vice president of Commercial Modifications, Engineering & Specialty Products, Boeing Global Services. “We are pleased to support all aspects of the design, integration and certification for these interiors.”


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