AMAC Aerospace opened new office in Riyadh

AMAC Aerospace has recently opened a new office in the Middle East. The purpose of the new office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is an initial start to respond to the business demand which is on the increase from the region. There is a tremendous presence of Business and Commercial aviation that resides in Saudi Arabia and as such, AMAC Aerospace wish to have a presence on site and offer the expertise and professionalism that the company is known for at their headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.

“We wish to bring Swiss excellence to Saudi Aviation whereby we can ensure that our existing and potential clients are able to experience the attention to detail that aircraft deserve whether in activities of Maintenance, Completion/Refurbishments or in any form of required work,” explains Bernd Schramm, Group COO AMAC Aerospace.

The new office is headed by Ghalib al Subeaei, who has a wealth of aviation knowledge behind him and is well connected in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region. His technical competencies and his connections to the industry on ground in Saudi Arabia and further afield are well received.

“The AMAC Aerospace Group of Companies wish Ghalib al Subeaei the best of luck with the new venture with AMAC. The AMAC team will support Ghalib in every step he makes during the initial launch of AMAC Saudi Arabia. Ghalib has joined AMAC delegations at foreign exhibition shows already and we are eager to introduce him to the wider networks that we have during EBACE, 2023,” says Bernd Schramm, Group COO AMAC Aerospace.


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