Russia sets New Benchmark in Electric Torpedo with ET-1E

The Moscow JSC GNPP Region enterprise, which is part of the Tactical Missiles Corporation, is setting fresh benchmark in electric torpedo systems with its newly developed ET-1E multipurpose 534.4 mm electric torpedo. The torpedo is designed for submarines equipped with 53 cm torpedo tubes and it is capable of destroying underwater and surface targets, stationary naval and coastal targets in all areas of the world ocean, in a difficult interference environment, including in shallow water.

GNPP Region has been a leader in creating means and systems of marine underwater weapons in the Russian military-industrial complex for more than five decades. The underwater and anti-submarine weapons offered by GNPP Region are well-known for their cost-effectiveness and have been holding leading positions consistently.

ET-1E torpedo belongs to the class of naval homing weapons, the technical appearance of which was formed taking into account modern requirements and prospects for the development of weapons.

By developing the ET-1E torpedo, GNPP Region has bagged the second prize of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation’s National Award Golden Idea in the nomination ‘For Contribution to the Development of Military Products’.

The torpedo has high manoeuvrability performance (speed, range) and has the possibility of use in any areas of the world ocean, including shallow waters and under ice in the Arctic and Antarctic. It has very low noise and has a smooth speed control. The torpedo has high level of protection against hydro acoustic countermeasures and advanced level of safety and ease of operation.

Its low cost of operation, storage and repair increases its marketability and its modular design offers possibility of subsequent upgrade. The torpedo has a fully digital homing and control system and has the ability of update the software easily. It has long service life. GNPP is exploring the       possibility of delivery of torpedoes in a remote-controlled version.

The ET-1E torpedo can be used against one or more targets, when firing singly or in salvo (up to 2 in a salvo). The range of the anti-submarine channel equipment for the submarine target is up to 3 km in deep seas (more than 200m depth) and up to 1.5 km in shallow seas (less than 200m depth). The equipment of the anti-ship channel provides guidance along the wake of a surface target at its speed of 10 to 30 knots with ship’s wake life up to 200s.

The torpedo is highly efficient in those conditions when the enemy uses modern means of hydro-acoustic countermeasures and anti-torpedo protection. ET-1E has passed a full cycle of trials to confirm the possibility of hitting submarines and surface ships, as a result of which it has demonstrated the ability to hit the targets under various hydrological and jamming conditions.

ET-1E may be equipped with additional information systems, increasing the aerodynamic quality, and for the next 10-15 years will be the basis for improving guided homing torpedoes.

(“With inputs from​ the magazine “Military-Industrial Complex of the Russian Federation” (OPK RF)”)






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