Diehl Defence, a global defense industry company, will be exhibiting at LAAD, the largest and most important defense and security trade show in Latin America.

The fair will take place from April 11 to 14 this year in the Riocentro Conference and Exhibition Center in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The Diehl Defense trade fair team looks forward to welcoming you to stand L51 in hall 3, where you can exchange ideas with the respective product experts.

Diehl Defense has been a competent partner of the German and international armed forces for decades and has developed into a leading system house in the areas of air defense systems and missiles. The product range offers system solutions for air defense and includes guided missiles, medium and large caliber ammunition for the army, air force and navy, as well as surveillance, protection and training systems for military applications.

As part of its global presence, Diehl Defense maintains long-standing relationships with industrial partners in customer countries to strengthen its systems and equipment expertise. As part of the long-standing cooperation with the Brazilian partner AEL Sistemas, especially in the field of ground-based air defense (GBAD) with the systems IRIS-T SLS, SLM and SLX, both companies are working together to offer the Brazilian armed forces a solution that not only best hardware on the market, but also includes integrated on-site logistics support in collaboration with Brazilian industry.

At the LAAD booth, Diehl Defense is presenting exhibits of the field-tested system for ground-based air defense IRIS-T SLM (medium range) and SLS (short range). This system consists of the components launcher, multifunction radar and command post. The modular system, which is currently in use in a crisis area, offers 360° all-round protection for areas and high-value targets as well as other critical infrastructure. A 1:1 model of the IRIS-T SL surface-to-air missile used in the IRIS-T SLM ground-based air defense system will also be on display.

Furthermore, the HPEM SkyWolf C-UAS effector will be on display as part of the Diehl Defense product portfolio at LAAD. Diehl Defense HPEM (High-Power Electro-Magnetics) systems are designed to combat aerial threats by disrupting the control electronics within the unmanned aerial vehicle with electromagnetic pulses. HPEM systems offer an excellent opportunity to protect public events or ground infrastructure, such as housing estates, military camps and transport or industrial facilities.

The GUARDION for GBAD effector vehicle on a scale of 1:12 can be seen at the booth. With GUARDION for GBAD, the drone defense system is installed on trucks. The complete system consists of a main vehicle with target acquisition and HPEM SkyWolf Effector as well as three further pure effector vehicles. The system structure was designed in such a way that the radar of an IRIS-T SLM fire unit receives 360° all-round protection against sUAS (small unmanned aerial vehicles).

Last but not least, Diehl Defense’s flagship air-to-air missile IRIS-T will be on display, which is in service with 12 air forces worldwide on platforms such as SAAB Gripen, Eurofighter, EF-18, F-16 and F-5.

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