RAFAEL’s Enhanced TYPHOON C-UAS Capabilities & 6th Gen. Naval SPIKE NLOS on Display

RAFAEL arrived at NAVDEX after completing a unique live fire demonstration with successful interception rates. RAFAEL’s TYPHOON RCWS, successfully demonstrated Counter-UAS (C-UAS) capabilities in a series of tests and scenarios conducted in the last month. These new capabilities will be shown with footage of various interceptions at sea.

As a world leader with a global install base of more than 750 medium caliber Stabilized naval RCWS Systems, RAFAEL is offering its TYPHOON Mk30-c and TYPHOON 25 mm class (in service with several navies around the world, including the US navy) as a solution for airborne, marine, and shore-based threats, including C-UAS.

In late 2022, RAFAEL announced that it had been awarded a major contract with a leading Asian navy for its TYPHOON Mk30-c, as well as the commissioning of its TYPHOON and mini-TYPHOON RCWS onboard FAIC-M / SHALDAG Mk5 vessels in the Philippine navy as part of a complete RAFAEL combat suite. TYPHOON RCWS has recently demonstrated its improved C-UAS capabilities using AI-powered Automatic Fire Correction and ATR to effectively defeat small and medium UAS. This is all made possible by incorporating a diverse mix of synchronized smart multi-spectral sensors, weapons, and intelligent effectors that translate to very high hit accuracies.

RAFAEL’s new Naval SPIKE NLOS (non-line-of-sight) 6th Generation missiles will also be showcased. These new missiles can turn any OPV or patrol boat into a highly effective combat vessel, with advanced capabilities against all naval and coastal threats. Naval SPIKE NLOS provides pinpoint accuracy with a maximum range of 32 km, using electro-optical guidance and advanced fire control. This combat-proven system is operational in various navies worldwide and is compatible with a range of warheads, including High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT), Penetration Blast Fragmentation (PBF), with warhead detonation control, and fragmentation. SPIKE family systems have been sold to 39 countries worldwide, including 19 NATO countries.

Another innovative system showcased is the C-GEM shipborne off-board RF Active Decoy (RFAD) system which protects naval vessels from anti-ship missiles through electromagnetic spectrum manipulation. C-GEM jams and deceives threats from multiple directions, independent of ship maneuvers


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