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Khaled Jafar, Vice-Chairman, Jadara Equipment and Defense Systems Co., a Jordanian military-industry venture, speaks about the outstanding features of their short and medium range anti-tank systems and their vision for development of longer range ATGM systems, longer range and more accurate RPG systems, electronic sights, and fire and forget rocket systems


Jadara Equipment & Defence Systems has been a leader in the development, production and sale of various defence products. What are the major milestones in the company’s success journey?

The production facilities of Jadara Equipment & Defence Systems were inaugurated in Amman by His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan in 2013. The R&D Department and Opto-Electronics factory were established in 2017, followed by the rocket tubes factory in 2018. The final development of the Terminator AGM and the launch of its production took place in 2019. The warhead and rocket engines factory was set up in 2020. The development of longer range ATGM began in 2021, and the year 2022 marked the start of the development of the Raptor RPG.

Could you talk about Jadara’s excellence in the field of short and medium range anti-tank systems?

Jadara is the manufacturer of the latest and most advanced RPG rocket system with a range of up to 350 m, which is equipped with a smart sight embedded with a ballistics calculator and a laser range finder. Jadara also produces a medium range ATGM with a very high hit probability at a range of up to 2500 m, which is laser guided beam riding rocket system.

The Twin JADARA-Terminator and the Quad JADARA-Terminator mobile combat modules have been developed based on the JADARA-Terminator. Could you elaborate on its features?

Equipped with a machine gun, and four launchers, with day and night capabilities, and a very high hit probability due the stability of the vehicle weight, the system can be controlled from within the vehicle or at a distance of 300 m away from the vehicle.

What are the company’s products in Opto-Electronic, Night Vision, and Thermal sighting systems for various military applications?

Jadara produces night vision sights for RPG grenade systems, which are used with the day aiming sight for RPG systems manufactured by Jadara, also Jadara produces the Guidance sight for the Terminator system, which has an integrated uncooled thermal imager.

How strong is Jadara’s Scientific Research and Development Design Bureau, which has advanced test laboratories and a manufacturing complex?

R&D of Jadara has design experts in optical, electronic, electrical, mechanical, chemical, materials and other technologies, with an unlimited budget, and equipped test labs with necessary test equipment.

Could you talk about Jadara’s sniper rifle J-9? Are there any plans to expand arms and ammunition business?

Jadara has stopped producing rifle systems of any kind for now.

What are the company’s operations in export sector? Could you talk about the main products on export and the clients?

Jadara is still supplying the Customers with its products and modifications as an after-sale service since we are committed to our obligations towards the Customers.

  1. What are the company’s objectives and vision for the next decade?

Development of longer range ATGM systems, longer range and more accurate RPG systems, electronic sights, and fire and forget rocket systems.


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