PIK-AS Austria opens new MIL certified Production facility

PIK-AS Austria, based in southern Burgenland (Austria), did not only celebrate its 40th anniversary, they also achieved a milestone in the history of the company for electrotechnical products. Owner Christina Polster set up a new production facility for electrical components for the military sector, in Unterschuetzen.
This sensitive area of the military market is subject to strict standards in Europe and is certified by the German Armed Forces. PIK-AS is therefore an officially certified supplier with in-house engineering.

The company achieved certifications are VG 96923, VG 96917 and VG 96927.

“For several years we have been designing and manufacturing special products mainly for land vehicles. In this specific case, we developed our own production line of plugs, sockets and the associated harnesses. The reason lies in the difficult procurement situation in which we have found ourselves since the last years. To counteract the risk of a supply bottleneck, we have built our own factory. A prerequisite for sales are special certifications from experts in the armaments sector and the relevant industry defense equipment standards, or VG for short. It was an extremely exciting and time-consuming process, but it has now paid off: The company PIK-AS Austria is an official supplier of “made in Austria” power connectors for land vehicles in the military sector with the following three certifications: VG 96923, VG 96917 and VG 96927″. explains Polster.

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