Saab to Display at I/ITSEC 2022

Saab is showcasing its full range of interoperable, realistic training solutions at the global I/ITSEC event in Orlando, USA at the Orange County Convention Center between November 28 – December 1.

At I/ITSEC 2022 (booth #1238), Saab will be showcasing a wide range of live, virtual and blended solutions to support hi-fidelity training, including the latest generation of the Ground Combat Indoor Trainer. Demonstrations will include developments in Live Training solutions including EXCON, Vehicle Systems, Soldier Systems, Anti-Tank weapon simulators, Indirect Fire solutions as well as Operators/Controller Toolbox in addition to a UAV Concept Simulator.

“At Saab, we believe that the most realistic training, coupled with immediate feedback and detailed evaluation, is the best way to prepare for any mission. That’s why we put the individual at the centre of our training operations, and build the systems around them. By exposing trainees to realistic and varied training situations, you are building that experience, allowing them to use it to make the right decisions at the right time,” stated Åsa Thegström, Head of Saab’s business unit Training and Simulation.

A few of the highlights this year are:

Ground Combat Indoor Trainer

This latest generation system is designed for virtual indoor training for anti-tank weapons like Carl-Gustaf M4 as well as other anti-tank weapons and small arms. It is providing true realism to customers investing in training capacity and enhanced operational capability in the land forces domain.

Observer/Controller Toolbox

The new O/C toolbox from Saab makes these tasks easier and more accurate by offering tools ranging from the unprecedented situational awareness view, configuration of simulators, to scoring of laser based Gunnery training. A single tablet contains the O/C toolbox full suite of WinExcon applications (WE:apps) for the various task required in the field for the Observer Controller to be effective before, during and after the exercise.

Combat Support solutions

Indirect Fire solutions including blended as well as live solutions, including the Mortar Outdoor Trainer and UAV concept simulator, to bring additional capabilities and further enhanced realism into the live training scenarios.


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