Camero-Tech received order for Xaver TM LR40

Camero-Tech – an SK Group member founded by Samy Katsav, a world leader and pioneer in developing, producing, and marketing pulsed-based UWB micro-power radar ‘Through Wall Imaging’ systems – has received a purchase order for the Xaver TM Long Range radar system – Xaver TM LR40, which enables the detection of live objects behind walls, at distances of more than 50 meters. The Xaver TM LR40 will provide the special forces with a breakthrough operational advantage in hostile environments and continuous surveillance missions.

Special forces and law enforcement teams conducting urban and rural operations require reliable information regarding hidden live objects to determine the most suitable approach to ensure successful life-saving missions. Penetrating through walls from a remote location, the Xaver TM LR40 creates an unprecedented real-time situational awareness picture of the presence of people beyond the wall, their exact distance, the number of people, and direction of movement.

The system is also highly sensitive for detecting unseen micro-movements of static live objects. Being able to achieve this performance and high sensitivity, the Xaver TM LR40 is a game changer in various operational scenarios


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