Defense & Security: SK Group presents its latest offering in small arms solutions

SK Group – a privately-held technology and innovation holding company, specializing in global frontline defense, paramilitary solutions, marine infrastructures, and property development, is presenting its latest offerings in small arms solutions, optical sights, and ‘through-wall-imaging’ systems, at the Defense & Security exhibition in Thailand.

The SK group takes a holistic approach to one of the main challenges of modern warfare – affording full protection to forces on the ground as they perform missions at a distance from the hostile force, as well as QCB.

“SK Group companies are committed to the protection of ground forces in combat on today’s battlefield,” says Ronen Hamudot, SK Group Executive VP Marketing and Sales. “Our range of solutions includes: IWI’s 7.62X51mm Ace Sniper S.A Rifle, which enables fast and accurate engagement of multiple threats at long ranges; thermal sights developed by Meprolight for day and night combat, including the recently-launched hybrid TIGON which combines thermal & red dot technology for both day and night applications; and Camero’s unique XaverTM through-the-wall imaging systems, which enable detection through structures and walls from a distance of over of 50 meters. The group’s solutions are operationally proven and are in use by diverse IDF units.”

The following solutions will be showcased at the exhibition:

IWI: the Negev series of light machine guns; the ARAD multi-caliber Assault Rifle used by militaries and law enforcement agencies worldwide; and the recently-launched ACE sniper rifle. Also on display, the company’s new version of the GAL VPS system, a riot control protective suit, which reduces trauma inflicted on operators by up to 90%.

Meprolight: the recently introduced Mepro TIGON hybrid sight integrating the advantages of standard “red-dot” optics featuring transparent see-through window for optimal day use with those of uncooled thermal imaging technology enabling efficient operation in low-visibility and complete darkness conditions.

Camero-Tech: the Xaver™ XL40 and XL80 – the company’s latest offering of through-the-wall imaging systems – portable units that enable operators to detect life and static structures from distances of 50 and 100 meters.


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