This year, 129 official foreign delegations are invited to participate in the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY 2022 at Moscow from 15-21 August. It was announced by chief of the Main Directorate of Innovative Development of Russian Defence Ministry Major General Aleksandr Osadchuk.

He added that the forum will be held in Patriot congress and exhibition centre, at Kubinka airfield, Alabino training ground, as well as in all the military districts and in the Northern Fleet.

The International Army Games and the X Moscow Conference on International Security that allows visitors and participants of the forum to organise their work with maximum efficiency. Within the days of military-technical cooperation (August 16 and 17), representatives of foreign delegations will be able to see the capacities of military products, armament, military, and special equipment at Alabino training ground and Kubinka airfield.

The static exposition will be formed in the pavilions and outdoor areas of the Patriot congress and exhibition centre, Alabino training ground and Kubinka airfield. The demonstration programme at Alabino training ground will be presented in separate episodes of the capabilities of weapons, military and special equipment. The flight programme at Kubinka airfield will include demonstrations by Aerospace Forces aerobatic teams and flights by retro aircraft.

Major General Aleksandr Osadchuk recalled that the forum held last year had been attended by military delegations from 117 foreign countries, and the total number of representatives of foreign military establishments was more than 500.


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