Eurosatory: Beesense establishes merger agreement with DST control

Beesense Systems, an Israeli company specialising in precise electro-optics systems and multi-sensor surveillance solutions, announced a merger agreement with DST control, a world-renowned manufacturer of gyro-stabilised gimbals. Beesense Systems, part of the Avnon Group, design, develop and manufacture advanced integrated multi-sensor system, providing actionable intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions to the HLS, defence and civic sectors.
Beesense uniqueness lies in their all-in-one radar and electro-optic system, integrated with advanced communication protocols and AI-based data analytics & amp, machine learning for precise target acquisition and threats analysis.
The much-expected merger with DST Control will expand Beesense’s portfolio, enabling it to enter the Gyro-stabilised gimbal market and provide end-to-end solutions for maritime and aerial surveillance applications.
DST Control, a Swedish company, founded in 1989, manufactures lightweight, high- performance gyro-stabilised electro-optical systems with both EO and IR capabilities and small, lightweight thermal imagers. Their “OTUS” series of advanced gyro- stabilised electro-optical micro-gimbal is widely in use and vastly integrated into
small & medium-sized unmanned vehicles and small manned aircraft. It is one of the smallest and lightest gimbals on the market yet provides performance & functions found only in much larger units. Their unique four-axis gyro-stabilised maxi-gimbal system is one of the best in the market, suitable for the most challenging
high-vibration manned and unmanned aerial and surface vehicles, such as helicopters and USVs.
Beesense and DST Control share more than 50 years of combined experience in market-leading developments and engineering knowledge.
The merger between the two companies will combine Beesense technology with the renowned gyro-stabilisation components of DST’s systems and enable leading edge systems developments. The add-on of DST’s stabilising technology will elevate Beesense system’s performance. DST company offices in Linköping, Sweden, will expand Beesense global development centres and serve as another branch of Beesense EU in Western Europe, expanding Beesense worldwide presence and opening new markets.
“The merger of DST is another step in the strategic plan of Beesense to strengthen its footprint in the intelligent imaging & sensing systems markets,” said Baruch Dilion, CEO of Beesense. “DST technology will enable us to make our advanced electro- optics technology accessible to the aerial and maritime surveillance markets and to multiply the technological solutions currently offered to the company’s customers in the fields of defence and HLS

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