General Robotics Introduces AI-Powered PITBULL RCWS at Eurosatory

General Robotics is introducing the Smart-AI PITBULL, the latest version of the PITBULL Remote Control Weapons Stations (RCWS), with enhanced AI-driven capabilities, enabling armored vehicles and unmanned platforms to gain substantial improvement in situational awareness, response rate, and firepower at Eurosatory (Hall 5A D468).

The Advantages of Smart AI

Using the Smart-AI technology, PITBULL continuously and autonomously detects, tracks and calculates the predicted positions of threats, and friendly forces using its Target Prediction Algorithm (TPA). “These advanced functions complement the human operator, enabling the human to be always in control and decide when to press the trigger,” Shahar Gal, General Robotics’ CEO, said. Processing the users’ ‘Point & Shootä’ command, and trigger pull, in real-time, the system determines the right time to fire the gun upon the operator’s command, in the condition to score a perfect shot. “This function is optional, and can be activated or disabled, as some users want to maintain full control of the weapon at all times,” Gal said.

New Versions for DOGO and CHAMELEON

Other new systems from General Robotics on display include the latest DOGO MKIII and smaller sibling, CHAMELEON. The new DOGO MKIII has improved cameras, target tracking, night vision, faster Point & Shootä capability, and is designed to accommodate additional weapons. DOGO has become a famous weaponized robot, operational by numerous special forces and SWAT units in high-risk situations. General Robotics backs the DOGO with the ‘Anti-Terror Warrantyä,’ providing repair or replacement for DOGO units lost in combat. The new CHAMELEON adds unique features for special operations, including MESH-based multi-robot operation and the ability to climb on vertical metallic surfaces.


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