Taqnia ETS, Star Vision sign MOU for Saudi Business

Taqnia ETS Company announces the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Star Vision Ltd to explore the development of innovative geospatial products and services that can enhance the local content and serve the promising Saudi market. 

TAQNIA ETS and TAQNIA SPACE – subsidiaries of TAQNIA; the PIF owned company – signed an MoU with STAR VISION Hangzhou LTD to collaborate on the development of innovative space technologies, satellites, artificial intelligence technologies and geospatial products.

Eng. Abdulaziz S. Al-Farraj CEO of TAQNIA ETS, Dr. Faisal Al-Harbi CEO of TAQNIA SPACE and Fan Lianghua Co-founder & Vice President of STAR.VISION signed the MoU at the WDS today.

This MOU establishes the framework for the three parties to engage in collaborative research and development to introduce localized innovative services and products that will support  the strategic space and geospatial industry in Saudi Arabia and the region.

“As the leading geospatial company in Saudi Arabia, TAQNIA ETS was keen to sign this MOU and to collaborate with STAR.VISION in product-driven R&D; exploring utilizing AI in producing high resolution & accuracy geospatial products that are compatible to the unique topographic and geographic elements of Saudi Arabia” said Al-Farraj.

While, Lianghua commented “We look forward to STAR.VISION bringing its expertise in space sector and AI applications in Saudi Arabia, and enable the young generation of Saudi talent in these industries”.

“We are pleased to sign this MOU with STAR.VISION, as we look forward to a productive relationship that will serve the local demand for advanced space & satellite products and services, and ultimately support the realization of 2030Vision to which the localization of innovative technology and the development of local talent are key”.

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