AACC Partners with Safran to Develop Commercial Aircraft, Military Rotary Landing Gears

Aircraft Accessories and Components Company (AACC), a subsidiary of SAMI Aerospace business division of SAMI, announced the signing of a partnership agreement with Safran Landing Systems, a world leader in landing gear maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). The partnership will enable AACC to expand its MRO capabilities to offer commercial aircraft and military rotary landing gears overhaul services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As one of the largest MRO service providers in the Middle East, AACC currently offers landing gear MRO services for F-15, C-130, and Typhoon military fixed wing aircraft. The partnership will enable the transfer of technology and the localization of commercial aircraft and military rotary landing gears overhaul capabilities. As a result, the company will be equipped to offer landing gear MRO services for A320, A330, B737, and military rotary aircraft.

Commenting on the announcement, Eng. Mazen Johar, CEO of AACC, said: “The expansion of AACC’s MRO capability into commercial aircraft and military rotary landing gears is a landmark achievement in our joint efforts to contribute to Saudi Arabia’s drive to localize 50 percent of its military spending by the end of this decade. We are delighted that this partnership with Safran will also pave the way for the transfer of technology, the creation of new employment opportunities, and an increase in local content in furtherance of Vision 2030 goals.”

Cédric Goubet, CEO of Safran Landing Systems, commented: “We are confident that this partnership with AACC will reach the success expected thanks to its extensive experience in military fixed wing landing gear repair. With the new services added to its portfolio, our partner can offer to the airlines operating in the region a dedicated center closer to their main bases.”

In addition to contributing to the MRO development in Saudi Arabia, the strategic partnership will lead to the creation of new quality jobs for Saudis and the transfer of new skills and knowledge. AACC’s new in-house capabilities will also result in a considerable reduction of cost for aircraft owners and operators and military forces in the Kingdom and the wider region.

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