Singapore’s Tiny Red Dot (TRD) Participates in WDS

Singapore’s TRD, also known as Tiny Red Dot, is participating in the ongoing World Defense Show 2022 (WDS) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The company offers a full spectrum of anti-drone solutions to protect vital installation and defence. TRD’s products have been deployed and proven in over 16 countries, and now the firm is growing its business in the Middle East and USA, as well as India.

Recently, TRD won a regional law enforcement contract worth USD 6 million. Following TRD’s unparalleled success especially in Southeast Asia, the company is starting to move from law enforcement to the defence industry by extending and integrating advanced soft and hard kill solutions such as spoofing, take control, laser and drone-on-drone.

This requirement is especially prominent in the Middle East, hence we are excited to be here to present our solution, the company said at WDS.

TRD is a privately-owned leading provider of CUAS (Anti-Drone) products and solutions for law enforcement and commercial security applications. TRD began operations as a consultancy firm in 2011 and has expanded into an engineering and production regional company of 70 people in the past five years. The company said it quadrupled sales from $5M in 2018 to $20M in 2020. TRD said it is confident that it can achieve more than $150M in annual sales by 2025.

TRD is a pioneer in the CUAS domain, having commenced development as early as 2015. The company introduced the Orion family of anti-drone systems in 2016, well before the world recognised malicious UAS activity as a serious threat.

The Orion family of Anti-Drones systems consists of a wide range of products designed to address specific operational needs and budgets. From the light weight handheld Drone Slayer known as Orion-H, the family extends to our fully integrated ORION-I system, integrating RF Direction Finder, Radar, Long Range Camera (Day and Night) and Counter Drone Defeat System. The latter can be deployed as a fixed configuration or embarked on various types of platforms for mobile operations.

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