MASAH: Offering Turnkey Solutions in Construction Sector

Engr. Mohammed Abdul Nayeem, Founder and General Manager,  Masah Specialized Constructions Company

Having built more than 10 Multispecialty Hospitals, and 7 towers, Masah has accomplished several turnkey projects and provided comprehensive services and core solutions in the construction industry. The company’s track record proves the level of skill and elegance in the accomplished specialized projects allowing them to leap to the top as a credible contractor in the civil field, said Engr. Mohammed Abdul Nayeem, the Founder and General Manager of Masah Specialized Constructions Company.

Since 2005 he has led Masah’s business in India and Saudi Arabia with strong determination and wisdom to overcome adversity. Now, Masah Co. is one of the established & emerging companies in KSA. Abdul Nayeem has 30 years of construction businesses experience. His track record is a string of landmark structures, such as Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib hospitals and Ajdan Waterfront that’s stands answer to a range of challenges. In an Interview with Arabian Defence, he talks about the company’s latest operations.

Masah was officially formed in 2006. Could you share with us the early days of the company?

Since our inception in 2006, our success was and still is based on total commitment to our people who represent the most assets in our company. Our carefully-selected senior and executive level employees made achieving far-fetched goals possible along with continuous training and coaching on the latest technical design applicable methods which granted us a competitive edge in the industry. This allowed us to execute an extremely wide variety of projects.

After all, we believe that our commitment to our clients’ satisfaction and quality is a continuous journey. MASAH Specialized Construction Co. over span of 15 years, has grown from a small establishment into a large scale construction company. Since its inception company has completed variety of contracts including Corporate Hospitals, University Housing Complexes, Commercial Malls, Luxurious High Rise and other Civil Projects.

As a specialized contractor, Masah seems to mainly focus on the construction of hospitals and high-rises. Tell us about the biggest projects taken up by the company so far.

We built more than 10 Multispecialty Hospitals, and 7 towers. Turnkey Building construction is considered as Masah’s core competency with various projects that represent landmarks in different industries. Our track record proves the level of skill and elegance in the accomplished specialized projects allowing us to leap to the top as a credible contractor in the civil field. We deliver high profile projects with the best quality and on time.

Masah has accomplished several turnkey projects and provided comprehensive services and core solutions in the construction industry, such as:

  • Hospitals with 700 Beds (Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical City, Riyadh)
  • LEED V4 Gold Certification Projects (Al Moosa Specialist Hospital, Al Hassa)
  • High Rise Tower with 36 floors (AJDAN Rise, Khobar)
  • MODA Residential Complex (186 villas which includes civil infrastructure and underground utilities with total site areas of 200,121m2, Qassim)
  • Ajdan Walk Retail Village’ offering open-air food, beverage & shopping outlets
  • Construction of a UCIC factory building, Al Kharj administration building and service departments.
  • SPIMACO Office Building and Warehouse, Khobar
  • ARAMCO Petrol Stations, Dammam & Kharj
  • Ryan, Suwaidi, Qassim Hospitals of Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib
  • Riyadh Park Mall

The company also offers various services. Could you give details?

The services can be broadly divided into two -Engineering and Design Services and Real Estate Development. Expanding on these, Masah offers a wide range of services in Civil Infrastructure & Underground Utilities, Building Construction, Site Preparation & Temporary Facility, Electro Mechanical Work, Communication Work, Petrol & Gas Stations, Residential & Housing, and Power Transmission Lines.

Masah applies the best international standards in its work to reduce waste and minimize impact on the environment. The company has also secured various certifications in this regard. Could you please tell us about these initiatives?

We are proud to be officially certified for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 45001:2018. This certification not only meets the demands of our clients, but also represents our commitment to deliver the highest quality of services to all existing and future clients.

We aim to provide the highest level of quality throughout our projects in addition to our commitment to the international environmental and safety standards. To show our commitment, Masah worked relentlessly to be certified by a third-party and validate its professional practices. We at Masah, understand the significance of continuous development in every aspect of our business to fulfill our clients’ ambitious requirements. During our business operations, we are committed to preserve the safety of all stakeholders including our team and community. Our practices aim towards lowering waste and minimizing depreciation to minimize our impact on the environment. We have successfully achieved our goal through the application of the best international standards in our field.

The company is known for promoting local potential while implementing its projects. Could you elaborate on this aspect?

Masah Specialized Construction Co. believes in nurturing local potential and capitalizing the national purchasing power for a strong and sustainable economy. Masah understands and appreciates the efforts of the Saudi government in developing professional, educated, and skillful candidates for the Saudi market who can play their roles in developing our economy to grow more sustainable and rewarding.

At Masah we make sure that we sharpen our employees’ skills and expand their experience by providing proper training on the latest advanced technologies in their respective fields. Moreover, we implemented our local suppliers’ policy to ensure our alignment with the Saudi Local Content Authority requirements and regulations. Additionally, all of our operations are on Saudi soil, therefore our assets and equipment is depreciated in Saudi Arabia.

In conclusion, Masah formulated its policies and regulations in order to develop local opportunities, promote transparency and benefit from government purchasing power in partnership with the private sector. At Masah we believe to lead by example, and that is what we aim to do in the private sector.

What are the major ongoing projects of Masah?

There are several ongoing projects at Masah and we are completing all of it in a time-bound manner. These include, the Knock Down and Rebuild project of 3 Fuel Stations for ARAMCO & TOTAL, structural work for the mutli-specialty hospital building for Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, Sehat Al Kharj Medical City etc. Another project is the 186-villas MODA Housing Project, Shamal Al Riyadh Healthcare Co. Project with required infrastructure for roads, sidewalks, mosque and landscape.

Shamal Al Riyadh Healthcare Co. Project envisages the construction of a Multi Specialist Hospital with area of 383,200 m2, with a capacity for 600 Bed consist 2 Towers of 22 Floor and 4 Basement. The Ajdan Waterfront Projects Ajdan Rise & Ajdan Walk is a Turnkey Residential Tower of 40 floors of approximately 130m height which consists of 187 apartments and a ‘Retail Village’ offering an open-air food & beverage and shopping outlets. Another ongoing project is Al Moosa Specialist Hospital –North Tower, which is one of the largest hospitals in Al Ahsa region with LEED V4 Healthcare requirements, built-in full compliance with high standards with a capacity of 240 beds.

Apart from KSA, is Masah carrying out work in other countries?

If the opportunity presents itself, we are not against it. However, we are focussing on tremendous opportunities and potential within Saudi Arabia. MAN construction is Indian wing of MASAH, undertaking mega projects in Real Estate and commercial Sector.

What are the future programs of Masah? Are there plans to diversify into new sectors?

Our future programs are to expand our business into the field of Real Estate Development. This will include new services within our portfolio such as Design, Land Development, Property Management and Operation & Maintenance.

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