Englo to showcase its latest military, Mining products at WDS

Mrs. Karin Punning CEO, Englo LLC

Estonia’s Englo LLC develops, designs and manufactures intelligent electromechanical devices for civil and road construction, mining, military, safety and security, environmental and other applications.Englo combines engineering depth, superior performance and operational focus to deliver breakthrough solutions to help customers execute difficult and challenging tasks efficiently and accurately.

Its industry leading products are flexible, compact and easy to use, with focus on performance, quality and reliability. Englo’s diverse product portfolio provides a single stop for different project challenges and customer needs.

Ahead of the World Defense Show (WDS 2022) in Saudi Arabia from March 6-9, Englo’s CEO Karin Punning talks about the company’s achievements over the years, its products, services, and what to expect from the company at WDS 2022, and more in this interview.

Englo has been a pioneer in making electromechanical devices for diverse fields. What are the major achievements over the years?

Our company Englo LLC was established in 1991, immediately after Estonia regained its independence. There was a need for all kinds of devices and for different areas of life. It was an exciting time. We had an opportunity to choose what we would like to design and produce, where the demand was really utmost.

But, certainly to keep in mind what area would be more suitable for our experiences and skills. Still, after some years from this very wide market arose two main customer groups, e.g. military & mining and building & road construction. And, so it is even at the moment. But these experiences that we have received from R&D of very different devices are really invaluable and have encouraged us to keep going. The companies like us had to grow together with our state growing.

From the very beginning our intention was not to deal with import and resell but to sell internally developed and manufactured products. This objective we have followed since then, over 30 years of activities and we don’t regret it. It has allowed us to stay innovative, to really listen to our customer requirements and quickly react to the market needs.

Could you talk about the military production arm of the company? What are the products in the sector?

For the military we have produced the devices almost from the very beginning. Due to the fact that earlier we were involved in R&D and production of the devices for chemical analysis we had no connection with military production. We had many challenges waiting for us but we were brave enough to get involved in this area. Quite the first task besides developing the mine detector was to design and produce the vehicle crossing detector and in one month. The curiosity and the knowledge of physics were of great help to manage with that task in time.


You may see here at World Defense Show (WDS 2022) our      latest model of vehicle crossing sensors MAMBA which is really a good help in areas of surveillance and protection. In addition you may see here the vehicle counting/alarming sensor KLL-3B, a perfect assistant to inform you in time about the unwanted vehicles coming to your territory.

In addition, our portfolio includes a wide array of blasting machines and line testers for different requirements, from a small lightweight PONGO to the very powerful BART-2 with 1250V firing voltage. Some blasting machines are battery operated and some are hand cranked, which can be very useful in some situations. The blasting machines come with a full suite of control and safety features. All of our available products can be found on www.englo.eu

Could you share with us the range of products and services the company offers in the mining sector?

Many of our blasting machines can also be used in the mining sector. The main task for the R&D of the blasting machines for mining is to guarantee the blasting security, e.g. not to cause premature blasting nor the after-blasting explosion of the gasses in the mines. Our blasting machines MARS-3 and line testers OOM-4 are widely used in oil shale mining.


And certainly the radiation measuring devices to detect the radiation caused either by the radon gas or coming from some mineral underground resources.

Through key quality performance measures and objectives, Englo remains focused on quality assurance and continuously improving its organisational performance and capabilities. Could you talk about the quality standards of the company?

The quality management of Englo LLC complies with the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2015. Our main task is to develop and produce the devices that correspond to the directives, demands or regulations needed for the use of these devices in a certain area. It isn’t an easy task as probably everybody has noticed.

 Not to mention the cost of these tests, the most difficult task is to find the institutions capable of performing these tests. In our product line there isn’t any device that couldn’t be tested. We test our devices everywhere around the EU.

How strong is the company’s R&D division?

Many of our engineers have been with us from the very beginning and our full team is very well experienced in all our target market directions. Thanks to them the R&D and prototyping of new devices is going on all the time and so it has lasted all these 30 years. As we say the brain couldn’t rest, the new tasks keep you alive and new achievements give you the meaning of life. The new solutions will be going up and down until you find the right one which makes your life exciting.


Could you talk about the highlights of your participation at the World Defense Show 2022 in Saudi Arabia? How do you look at the expo as a platform to make new partnerships and find business opportunities?

We know that participation in the expo is of great importance otherwise you will be forgotten. To get introduced to the new development areas, new directions, to show our devices to the visitors and customers, to introduce them in person has a high impact. We are waiting to see this nice country and be one among you all in the World Defense Show 2022.

For More details, Visit www.englo.eu.

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