Tor-M2KM SHORAD weapon offered for oil fields protection

Russia’s Almaz-Antey corporation has officially presented the capabilities of protecting oil fields by its modular Tor-M2KM short-range air defense (SHORAD) missile system. One such system is capable of covering one or more drilling platforms, with protection radius reaching 15 km.

The Tor-M2KM, a member of the TOR ADMS family, is a multichannel, all-weather air defense weapon designed to intercept unmanned aerial vehicles, high-precision weapons, aircraft and helicopters flying at medium, low and even extremely low altitudes. All radar and optical subsystems, a high-speed digital computer, launchers with missiles, and power supply and life support facilities are mounted on a single combat vehicle or in special self-contained combat module (SCCM) without chassis. The killing zone is 1-15 km in range and 0.01-10 km in altitude. The deployment time is 3 minutes, while time of redeployment of SCCM from one platform (carrier) to another is 10 min.

“A distinguishing feature of this system is its high efficiency in repelling massive air attacks under fire and electronic warfare counteractions”, – says Almaz-Antey in its presentation.

The SHORAD weapon can be integrated into any automated air defense command and control system. The self-supporting radar search, detection and identification of air targets is implemented on the move or from static position. Firing is vertical and successive, with automatic lock-on and tracking. The simultaneous automatic radio-guidance enables to fire up to four SAMs against four targets. The operator’s participation is minimized. Almaz-Antey is also supplementing the ADMS with the simulator for crew training.

The official presentation demonstrates the mounting of SCCM on oil rig by its crane or a Mi-26T heavy helicopter, the possibilities of its combat use from helicopter deck, servicing and storage.

“The vertical launch of SAMs prevents any damage to drilling platform equipment by the missile flame, ensures safety of drilling platform personnel and the SCCM crew during firing”, – the presentation says.

Almaz-Antey also adds that the TOR-M2KM can be used to protect from high-precision weapon attacks such objects as nuclear power stations, oil refineries, water-distillation plants, as well as naval bases.

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