“Saudi Arabia, China interested in Ka-226T rotorcraft”

The Russian Kamov Ка-226Т helicopter project has attracted the interest of few countries during the Dubai Airshow. Director General of Russian Helicopters Andrei Boginskiy said that Saudi Arabia and China has shown interest in the Kamov Ка-226Т helicopter.

The Ka-226T Alpinist (Climber) made its debut at the Dubai Airshow 2021. The airframe of the helicopter features new design with improved aerodynamics which distinguishes it from previous members of the Ka-226 family. The body of improved aerodynamic shape is made with the use of modern lightweight materials. The upgraded Ka-226T has received a new rotor head, main rotor blades, and main rotor gearbox, as well as a shockproof emergency-resistant fuel system, which meets increased safety requirements, the Russian Helicopters holding company informed.

Russia and India earlier signed an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) for Ka-226T helicopters.

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