Dubai Airshow to be a gunship fest with Night Hunter and Alligator in the skies

The Russian Mi-28NE Night Hunter and Ka-52E Alligator attack helicopters will perform demonstration flights at the Dubai Airshow. Russia is among the very few countries that develop and produce dedicated attack helicopters. This circle becomes narrower, as in terms of combined firepower and protection only the US-made AH-64 Apache can be compared to the Mi-28NE and Ka-52E.

Both Mi-28N and Ka-52 have been heavily used by the Russian forces during the military operation in Syria to destroy both armored vehicles and manpower.

The Mi-28NE, produced by the Russian Helicopters’ Rostvertol company, is heavily armored and features high combat survivability. It is an all-weather and round-the-clock combat asset, that is often called a ‘flying tank’ due to its protection and an array of weapons.

The Middle East market promotion of the Night Hunter could be facilitated by its high adaptability to the environment of the region. It can be equipped with multi-cyclone dust protection devices with a new air purification principle and high dust-removal effectiveness.

The Ka-52E combines functions of attack, reconnaissance and command helicopters. Due to its coaxial rotor system it can perform new types of maneuvers, including funnels and flat turns, thus enabling it to effectively engage moving targets in their less protected areas.

The Alligator is the world’s only helicopter equipped with a seat ejection system. It is often said to be especially effective in the mountains, being low sensible to the wind impact. The open architecture of the avionics enables the installation of the foreign-made systems.

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