IAI Launches Blue Sphere, a Cloud-Based Ground Station for Satellite-Generated Data

Developed as part of an accelerated program at IAI’s Innovation Center, Blue Sphere significantly increases the availability of information collected from satellites

Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) Space Division has launched Blue Sphere, a cloud-based ground station for satellites, which significantly increases information received from the satellite and allows the satellite to communicate with Earth at any given moment.

The setup of a virtual ground station in the cloud enhances the availability of the satellite output, reducing the dependence on “satellite passing time” above a specific ground station. Instead, the satellite is able to broadcast the information collected to any available ground station worldwide. From there, the information is transferred immediately to the cloud, allowing the data to be extracted on demand, leaving it for the ground station to transfer or withdraw the information immediately without dependency on reception towers located in different stations worldwide.

The unique concept was developed by space engineers as part of an accelerated program at the IAI Innovation Center and in collaboration with the international Starburst accelerator, which specializes in aviation and space innovations in some of IAI’s in-house ventures.

“Evolution of cloud technologies allowed IAI’s space engineers to develop Blue Sphere, which makes satellite information available around the clock. Blue Sphere joins other innovative command and control developments that maximize satellite capabilities and the operational level of satellite deployments,” said Shlomi Sudri, General Manager of IAI’s Space Division. “Following the proof of concept, we are currently working on an advanced version of the ground and virtual command and control stations for the benefit of our global customers.”

Amira Sharon, Ph.D., IAI’s Executive VP of Technology and Innovation, said, “Innovation is critical for companies, like IAI, that feature technological and human excellence. This state-of-the-art development is a testament to the fast development processes taking place at IAI, forming the building blocks of its future technologies.”

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