Russia to showcase latest training systems at the ARMY 2021

The Moscow-based RPA RusBITech company is presenting its Spektr-7E software & hardware system, intended for recreating the complex environment of warfare both at the command and ground levels at the ARMY 2021 expo in Moscow.

The core of the Spektr-7E is a unified information and modeling environment, which, together with special software tools, performs calculations for the use of groupings of troops and military formations, simulation of military operations in air, at sea and on land with simultaneous display of the situation on digital maps in both 2D and 3D modes in full accordance with the terrain of the theater of operations.

The Spektr-7E ensures the integration of simulators of various weapons and military equipment into a single virtual battlefield, which allows multiple training of servicemen and military formations to perform tasks in any terrain and in various climatic conditions. Thanks to modern technologies any number of simulators of various configurations can be built into the training circuit of the system. The system’s library of virtual objects includes about thousands of different models matching the characteristics of real weapons and military equipment.

The Spektr-7E’s headquarters training system makes it possible to train command personnel and command posts in planning combat actions, making decisions on the use of the troops, and building a command and control system.

Another major developer in this field of is the Tula-based Training Systems company. It has developed more than 50 models of simulators of tanks, APCs, ATGMs, artillery, anti-aircraft systems, small arms etc. As the company says in its official presentation materials, its simulators allow to train personnel both individually and in units, to teach the servicemen to operate both the latest generation systems, as well as the 15-20 year old ones.

The Training Systems’ portfolio includes the simulators for T-90MS main battle tank, TOS-1A heavy flame-thrower system, Kornet anti-tank missile system, Igla MANPADS etc. The Igla MANPADS simulator ensures the execution of target capture, tracking and ‘launch’ of the missile in manual and automatic modes, and even the psychological preparation of the trainees.

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