Amur-1650: compactness and firepower at Army 2021


The St. Petersburg based Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering Rubin (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) is to demonstrate at the ARMY expo its vast experience and competences in the submarine domain and in the field of various other underwater systems. Over 85% of submarines in the Soviet and later Russian Navy have been built according to the Rubin’s designs. Today the company is also actively exploring the civil product line, including the systems for offshore oil and gas field development.

The center point of the Rubin’s exposition is the Project Amur 1650 diesel-electric submarine. It continues the line of the famous Kilo class (many dozens of ships of the basic and upgraded design have been constructed and inducted into the Russian and other navies). The Amur 1650 is the next generation submarine which is more compact: with similar weapon pack (six torpedo tubes with ammunition comprising 18 torpedoes and missiles) its surface displacement has been reduced (from about 2,400 tons to about 1,800 tons). Due to automation, the complement has been reduced from 52 to 35 men.

The powerful torpedo-missile armament gives the Amur 1650 a long arm to hit both underwater and surface targets, as well as land targets. The torpedo or missile salvo can be launched from all six tubes. The improved stealth is said to give it an advantage in duels. The stealth is ensured by the curvature of the hull lines, the carefully designed propulsor (propeller), the slow-speed and low-noise permanent magnets propulsion motor, the low noise equipment and advanced acoustic protection means. The coating reduces the probability of detection by surface ships and anti-submarine aircraft, while – in turn – its own sonar equipment enables the detection of very low-noise targets at considerable distances.

Ventilation and air conditioning systems are designed for tropical waters operations. The submarine has highly ergonomic Combat Information Centre (CIC) – the operators’ consoles are of modern design and have a user-friendly interface.

The Rubin also has an AIP system developed for the Amur 1650 project.

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