Russian Helicopters signed contract for 9 Mi-38 PS Helicopters with Emergencies Ministry

“Russian Helicopters” Holding (a part of Rostec State Corporation) at the MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Show has signed a contract with the Russian Emergencies Ministry to supply 9 Mi-38PS helicopters (in arctic version) until 2024.  

 The search and rescue Mi-38PS can provide an unprecedented range of rescue missions, it has the capacity to fly with its crew and three rescuers to a distance of 750 kilometers to evacuate people in danger and return to base. The helicopter, for this purpose, will be equipped with additional fuel tanks, and the maximum aircraft take-off weight will be increased.

 “We have a long and successful history of cooperation with EMERCOM of Russia. Today Russian emergency services cannot be pictured without helicopter technology. It is regularly used to extinguish fires, search and rescue operations and combat the consequences of natural and technological disasters. To perform tasks in the most difficult Arctic conditions, our colleagues have to use the most modern equipment and I am sure that because of the enhanced flight and technical characteristics the Mi-38 will become a reliable foundation for the expansion of EMERCOM activities in the Far North”, – said Andrey Boginsky, CEO of “Russian Helicopters Holding”.  

 In the far north, Mi-38PS will be able to operate with autonomous deployment, use of night vision goggles, various rescue equipment and medical modules installation. The paratrooper rescuers will be able to land from the helicopter by parachute, landing and non-stop methods.

Mi-38PS can use special devices, which will help to extinguish fires and deal with the consequences of emergency oil spills. Hard mooring nodes on the landing pad will allow helicopters to land on icebreaking ships, for example, Project 22220 (LC-60Y) of ”Arktika” type, which will expand Mi-38t work capabilities in the Arctic latitudes.

Mi-38 helicopters can opérate in a wide range of climatic conditions, including sea, tropical and cold climates. Mi-38 outperforms other helicopters of its class in terms of lifting and passenger capacity, key flight and technical characteristics thanks to the technical solutions used. The helicopter can carry in the cabin or on the external sling up to 5 tons of cargo or up to 40 passengers.

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