British Airways extends contract for Airbus A380 Base Maintenance Services

Services for 12 aircraft to be performed at Lufthansa Technik
Philippines in Manila

British Airways has extended its contract with Lufthansa Technik for
Base Maintenance Services for its Airbus A380 aircraft. The contract
will run from August 2022 for more than five years and includes
services for the airline’s 12 A380s to be performed at the Lufthansa
Technik Philippines facility in Manila.

During the past five years, British Airways and Lufthansa Technik
have worked closely together on the A380 Base Maintenance services
and with both parties aligned to the same high standards of safety
and professionalism. The organisational skills, experience, technical
knowledge and flexibility of both companies have led to the extension
of this contract, which includes 12 year-checks for A380 aircraft.
Dave Exon, Technical Director of British Airways, says: “Safety is at
the heart of everything we do and we’re delighted to extend our
existing A380 base maintenance contract with Lufthansa Technik as a
result of the continued excellent standard of service provided by
Lufthansa Technik Philippines. This agreement ensures that our A380
aircraft have secured slots for the foreseeable future.”

Elmar Lutter, CEO of Lufthansa Technik Philippines, says: “We are
proud to continue our good relationship with British Airways by
extending the Airbus A380 base maintenance contract for another five
years. At Lufthansa Technik Philippines, we remain committed to
servicing the A380 aircraft in the forseeable future.”
Lufthansa Technik Philippines will manage the aircraft via AVIATAR,
Lufthansa Technik’s digital operations suite in order to track,
coordinate and report on the checks. The digital platform provides
real time multi-user information access on the check status,
including open items, next steps, completion level and many other
functions, ensuring an additional layer of reassurance around the
safety of all operations.

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