Russian Helicopters Presents New Ka-226T Model at MAKS

JSC Russian Helicopters has presented the Ka-226T Climber helicopter at the MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Salon. The new model is the latest variant in the Ka-226 family. Visitors to the international air show were able to see the prototype due to conduct a series of test flights this autumn.

 The Ka-226T Climber is ideal for flying in mountainous areas. Its coaxial rotors allow for easy control even at the highest altitudes with rarefied air. It boasts high resistance to strong side winds, and high rate of climb, as well as easy take-off and landing at high-altitude sites. The Ka-226T Climber also performs well in flights over water, and can take off and land on the deck of even a small seagoing vessel.

With low vibration levels, the Ka-226T Climber is a light helicopter which is easy to control. Capable of taking off from, and landing on, small areas (for instance, in a city), it offers highly stable hovering even during operation with external loads, and can be safely boarded while the rotors are turning.

Compared to older models in the Ka-226 family, the Ka-226T Climber possesses a number of significantly enhanced features. The redesigned frame boasts impressive aerodynamic characteristics. The fuselage is made using modern light materials, the flight controls and power systems have undergone considerable modernisation, and a shockproof crash-resistant fuel system has been installed in line with the highest safety standards. The model also features enlarged fuel tanks and centralised refuelling, as well as new flight and navigation equipment, and upgraded radio communication equipment.

Compared to previous models, the Ka-226T Climber boasts significantly improved flight performance characteristics: greater speed, lower weight when empty, and greater range. The helicopter can be operated at altitudes of up to 6,500 metres. Where necessary, it can be equipped with oxygen systems, ballonets, as well as air conditioning and heating systems. The model is also expected to receive certification for passenger transportation.

Serial production of the Ka-226T Climber is planned to start in 2022 at the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant in close cooperation with the Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise.

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