Rosoboronexport: Air Force & Air Defense products account for 80% of contracts signed in 2021

Rosoboronexport JSC (part of the Rostec State Corporation) leverages the potential of the MAKS-2021 International Air Show to promote Russian-developed aircraft, helicopters and air defense assets abroad.

“This year, Rosoboronexport has signed contract documents worth over $5 billion, 80% of which are for Air Force and Air Defense products. MAKS-2021, which is attended by more than 30 delegations from about 20 countries, will be the starting point for new negotiations and new contracts,” said Alexander Mikheev, Director General of Rosoboronexport.

“In Zhukovsky, Rosoboronexport’s partners will be able to see with their own eyes the aircraft, helicopters, air defense and EW assets promoted by the company, including the absolute novelties from Rostec enterprises – the UAC-developed IL-114-300 new combat aircraft and air platform, as well as Russian Helicopters’ products – Mi-171A3, Ansat-M and Ka-32A11M.”

In addition, Russia’s export bestsellers and potential leaders of the world military aircraft market will be on static display: the fifth-generation Su-57E fighter, MiG-35, MiG-29 and Su-35 fighters, IL-78MK-90A tanker aircraft and IL-76MD-90A military transport aircraft, Ka-52K, Mi-28NE, Mi-35P, Mi-35M, Ka-226T helicopters and others.

On the outdoor display area, Rosoboronexport partners will also view air defense and EW assets promoted by the company abroad. Among them are the latest SAM system Tor-E2 and scale models of the S-400 Triumf  and Antey-4000 air defense missile systems as well as the brand-new S-350 Vityaz air defense missile system showcased at Almaz-Antey stand. Automatika Concern will exhibit the Kupol and Pishchal counter-drone systems, while the Kronstadt Group will unveil the latest Orion-E UAV in a reconnaissance/strike version.

In addition, Rosoboronexport’s guests at MAKS will see the demo flights of leading Russian aerobatic teams on combat aircraft that occupy leading positions in their segments of the world market. Russian Knights will present aerobatics on Su-35S and Su-30SM fighters, Russian Falcons will show teamwork and maneuvers on Su-27s, while Swifts will demonstrate high capabilities of the MiG-29. Pilots of the Berkuts aerobatic team will perform single and formation flights on Mi-28N and Ka-52 helicopters.

At its stand in Pavilion C2, Rosoboronexport will present the Globe touch-screen interactive multimedia installation containing thirty-eight 3D models of advanced defense products, which the company is promoting abroad, with their performance data, photos and videos. Rosoboronexport will also exhibit scale models of the IL-76MD-90A(E) military transport aircraft, Mi-35M transport/attack helicopter, Ka-52 scout/attack helicopter, Mi-26T2 heavy-lift transport helicopter and the Mi-17V-5 military transport helicopter.

During MAKS-2021, Rosoboronexport plans to sign joint programs with Technodinamika to promote parachute systems and R&D activities in the external market. This will greatly enhance Rosoboronexport’s competencies in industrial partnership with foreign customers.

“Today, a growing number of countries are thinking about producing weapons on their national territory, so an increase in the number of “technology” contracts is a trend in today’s global arms market. Rosoboronexport actively works with customers in industrial partnership and technology transfer. Under the program signed with Technodinamika, we will promote R&D services, including in the field of aviation, missile weapons, air defense systems and space programs in African, the Middle East and Asia Pacific countries,” Alexander Mikheev added.

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