BLR Airport Processes 483,460 kgs of Mango Exports in 4 months


June witnessed highest movement of mangoes with 169,882 kgs

Doha, London & Singapore were the top destinations for mango exports

Processed by both Air India SATS & Menzies Aviation Bobba Bangalore Cargo terminals

  Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru –  has processed 483,460 kgs of mangoes in four months from March to June, 2021.

The month of June witnessed highest movement of mangoes with 169,882 kgs. A total of 158,936 kgs were processed in May, 110,886 kgs in April and 43,776 in March.

This year, Doha emerged as the leading destination for mangoes from Bengaluru, with 140,000 kgs, followed by London (68,000 kgs) and Singapore (55,000 kgs).

Backed by two reputed cargo terminal operators – Air India SATS and Menzies Aviation Bobba Bangalore- BLR Airport has the infrastructure required to ensure the fruits reach their destinations maintaining their quality as well as freshness.

To ensure quality and freshness, mangoes are stored and moved to the aircraft within the required temperature range, reducing waiting time at terminals.

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