John Cockerill strengthens its position in Asia-Pacific as Jean Gourp becomes President Asia-Pacific

John Cockerill is adapting to the post-Covid world and is strengthening its position in Asia-Pacific with the creation of a position of President Asia-Pacific. The objective is to ensure permanent high-level representation in this fast-growing region and to develop new opportunities at the Group level. Jean Gourp has been entrusted with this mission.

As we emerge from the economic crisis caused by the global pandemic, our Group has reaffirmed its commitment to strong profitable growth driven by a range of products and solutions that are perfectly aligned with our customers’ needs. This growth is only possible thanks to a strong and ambitious business development activity based on a visible and sustained presence in high-potential geographical areas. This presence is necessary to represent the Group, all activities combined, and to defend its interests.

This is particularly true in the Asia-Pacific region because of the geographical and cultural distance, but above all because this region is full of opportunities for John Cockerill, and because its already major economic power has accentuated its leadership during this period of crisis.

As the Group’s official representative in this geographical area, based in Singapore, Jean Gourp will be responsible for developing John Cockerill’s reputation with customers, institutions and the media, interacting with financial organizations and industrial partners on strategic issues, ensuring strategic and technological intelligence, and leading the sales force. Internally, he will promote synergies between the Group’s entities present in the zone and will sit on their various boards of directors.

Jean knows John Cockerill well, having held management positions in 3 sectors (IndustryServicesEnvironment). Having worked as an expatriate both in India and in China on several occasions, he also knows Asia well. Jean will continue to be present at the Executive Committee of the Group to uphold the views of this part of the world and to relay the opportunities that abound in this region.

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