FL Technics obtained EASA STC for cargo carriage aircraft modification

FL Technics continues decisive development of the business tailored to current and future demand in the markets. This time it is the company’s DOA team who received an important approval of capabilities to change aircraft interior design by creating cargo carriage capacity on the passenger cabin floor.

Such aircraft modification is considered as major and requires extensive knowledge and technical expertise to be certified by EASA. However, a rigorous process of approval, that takes up to 6 months to complete, is worth the effort as it allows FL Technics to provide crucial service to airlines and lessors. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, partial cargo conversion of passenger aircraft becomes increasingly popular as operators need to opt in for freight services and support delivering goods and medical supplies worldwide. This new STC enables maximizing cargo capacity without full aircraft conversion to a freighter.

The scope of obtained certification covers one of the most popular aircraft currently in service – Boeing 737 and has already been applied in the B737-800 fleet conversion project for one of FL Technics trusted clients.

As per Liudas Jurkonis, Deputy CEO for DOA in FL Technics, – “For our organisation it is an important achievement that supports our strategic focus on providing services customised and tailored to any client needs. Also the fact that there were a total number of 50-70 applications submitted to EASA regarding this STC, and FL Technics was certified one of the first indicates both the high level of expertise of our teams as well as high demand of such modifications in the industry currently and in the future.”

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