GA-ATS orders DO – 228 Flight Simulator

Fully-Immersive EURAMEC Do-228 Flight Sim Will Be Certified to EASA Standards

General Atomics AeroTec Systems GmbH (GA-ATS), a subsidiary of General Atomics Europe GmbH, has recently placed an order with EURAMEC N.V. of Hamme, Belgium for a fully-immersive flight simulator for the Dornier 228NG aircraft family. This simulator allows for a complete “immersion” in the virtual situation due to the greatest possible closeness to reality. The simulator will be built by EURAMEC and delivered to ATS’s flight training facility in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany. The Do-228 flight simulator will be certified as a flight training device to EASA FNPT-II/MCC and FTD Level standards.

“This simulator will take our GA-ATS flight training capabilities for the Do-228NG family to a new level,” said GA-ATS Managing Director Erik Bollen. “Acquiring this simulator is another example of GA’s ever-deepening ties with European aerospace industry and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to working with Belgian companies to meet our supply chain needs.”

“EURAMEC is pleased to support General Atomics Europe on the development of type-specific flight training devices.” said Bert Buyle, CEO EURAMEC. “We look forward to the EASA certifiable Do-228 NG flight simulator playing a role in delivering support to the safety, training and readiness of flight crews around the world.”

GA-Europe had completed the acquisition of RUAG Aerospace Services GmbH on March 1, 2021. GA-ATS is an innovative aviation company that is now the manufacturer and Type Certificate Holder of the Do-228. It also provides maintenance and repair services of business aircraft and military helicopters. The Do-228 is a twin-engine, multirole light transport aircraft of which the Dornier Do-228NG is the current production version with a state-of-the-art glass cockpit and increased performance.

General Atomics AeroTec Systems GmbH (GA-ATS) is the result from the acquisition of RUAG Aerospace Services GmbH and focuses on the maintenance and repair of business aircraft and military helicopters as well as the production and maintenance of the Dornier 228 at the Oberpfaffenhofen site with approximately 400 employees. General Atomics AeroTec Systems GmbH is a subsidiary of General Atomics Europe GmbH.

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