ABX Air & ATI Fleet Join OMINI Air on using CEFA FAS

Three of the ATSG group’s subsidiaries will be using CEFA Aviation’s Flight Data Animation Software

Air Transport Services Group (ATSG), currently the world’s largest lessor of converted Boeing 767 freighter aircraft, airlines subsidiaries have chosen CEFA Aviation’s Flight Data Animation Software CEFA FAS, to animate the data of the Flight Data Recorder.

The acquisition of CEFA FAS for ABX Air and Air Transport International ATI completes a new process of upgrading the technologies used to automate its subsidiaries’ operations. In this case, Omni Air International (Omni) had already adopted CEFA Aviation’s Flight Data Animation Software a couple of years earlier.

“Omni has demonstrated improvements in flight safety and reliability through the adoption of CEFA Aviation’s Flight Data Animation Software,” said Ed Koharik, chief operating officer of ATSG. “I am confident that ABX Air and ATI will realize similar benefits to their industry-leading safety and reliability programs.”

“We are proud to help ABX Air and ATI ensure flight safety; it is a shared goal at the core of our companies,” says Dominique Mineo, CEO & Founder of CEFA Aviation.

CEFA FAS animation software can process a variety of complex forms of recorded flight data and information and display it dynamically and synthetically in a form that can be understood and shared by a wide audience within the aviation industry.






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