Rafaut Group finalizes its acquisition of Alkan Group

Following the acquisition of Secapem and its subsidiary Lun’tech, and the subsequent acquisition of Lace, the Rafaut Group, a civil and defense aeronautics equipment supplier, is venturing a step further by acquiring the Alkan Group, a historic player in the field of carriage and release systems in defense aeronautics. The Rafaut Group is now the European leader and an undeniable world authority in this field.

With 200 employees armed with recognized technical know-how, and present in 65 user countries across more than 100 platforms, the Alkan Group designs, develops, manufactures and performs maintenance on carriage, release and mission equipment, in particular for fighter planes, helicopters, light aircraft and maritime patrol vessels. Alkan Group turnover totaled €54 million in 2020.

This merger sees the Rafaut Group pursue its growth on an international scale, particularly in the United States and India, where the Alkan Group already enjoys established commercial positioning.

This move will boost the Rafaut Group’s operational excellence and capacity for innovation to the benefit of its customers. It is a dual key partner to the main next-generation aeronautical programs, including for carbon-free commercial aircraft and the Future Air Combat System (SCAF).

Backed by its shareholders, HLD, ACE Capital Partners, Etoile Capital and BNP Paribas Development, the Rafaut Group is proving itself as a leading European civil and defense aeronautics equipment supplier. This will serve to bolster the European Defense Industrial and Technological Base.

“This merger is a key milestone for the Rafaut Group’s growth. The new organization of around 650 people is set to achieve turnover of around €160 million in 2021.

Our over 150 years of experience in aircraft carriage and release systems put us in a leading position. Moreover, pooling our skills allows us to be more innovative, more agile and more robust, to offer our customers better solutions,” states Bruno Berthet, Executive Chairman of the Rafaut Group.

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