Kalashnikov Group conducts successful “Vihr`” missile tests

Kalashnikov Group in cooperation with JSC “KBP”, National Helicopter Center Mil&Kamov and the Russian Air Force successfully completed test launches of “Vihr`” guided missiles. 22 missile launches were made with Ka-52 Alligator helicopter.

Kalashnikov enhanced the missile’s accuracy in a short-range launch and its flight stability. All improvements were made without changing the missile`s tactical and technical characteristics.

The tests conducted proved that development re-works initiated and independently conducted by Kalashnikov are successful.

Prior to that Vihr`s ability to engage a target at an increased distance of up to 10 kilometers was assessed which also exceeds the missile`s basic tactical and technical characteristics.

The Main Characteristics of the guided missile “Vihr`”

Missile`s speed, m/ s610
Rangem800-10 000
Flight altitude, m10-4000
Homogeneous reactive armor thickness the tandem cumulative warhead can penetrate, meters0,75


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