MC-21-300 wing panel, made of composite materials, delivered to Irkut

The MC-21-300 wing panel, made of Russian composite materials, was delivered to the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, a branch of Irkut Corporation (part of UAC, Rostec State Corporation).

The wing panel will be installed on the MC-21-300 aircraft intended for delivery to the first customer. Earlier, this aircraft was equipped with a center section, also made of domestic composites.

Wing panel 17,5 m long was delivered from Ulyanovsk to Irkutsk by road. Specialists of Irkut Corporation and AeroComposite have developed special equipment with a system of fasteners and sensors to prevent structural damage during transportation.

Leading Russian chemists and technologists, including experts and academics from Moscow State University and Rosatom, participate in development and production of domestic composite.  The technology used to produce large-scale wing box panels based on infusion technology was developed by AeroComposite and patented in Russia. Design experience and many tests of composite units carried out within the MC-21 program allowed Irkut Corporation to start building production aircraft.

The use of strong and lightweight composite materials resulted in the development high aspect ratio wing and improving the aircraft aerodynamic performance and at the same time increasing the fuselage diameter. The wide passenger compartment provides greater comfort for the crew and passengers, reduces airport turnaround time of the aircraft due to accelerated boarding and disembarkation.

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