Joins Major General (Res.) Nitsan Alon Smart Shooter Board as Directors

SMART SHOOTER, a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of innovative fire control systems that significantly increase the accuracy and lethality of small arms, announces that Major General (Res.) Nitsan Alon, who served as Head of Central Command at the IDF and as the IDF Operations Directorate, Joins the Smart Shooter Board of Directors.

Major General (Res.) Nitsan Alon served as commander of the General Staff Reconnaissance Unit (Sayeret Matkal), Head of Central Command, and IDF Operations Directorate. He holds a B.A. in physics and B.Sc in material engineering from the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.

Michal Mor, SMART SHOOTER CEO: “We are pleased to announce that Major General (Res.) Nitsan Alon joins Smart Shooter board of directors. His rich experience is an asset, and we are confident that his contribution to the company will be significant. Smart Shooter is constantly growing and expanding, and alongside winning several significant projects in various countries worldwide, we continue to implement the SMASH Fire Control Solutions in the IDF. “

Major General (Res.) Nitsan Alon: “I am honored to join Smart Shooter board of directors, and to be part of a cutting-end defense-tech company that is ultimately revolutionizing the world of small arms and optics by enabling it to be smart and precise. I am impressed by the company’s unique SMASH technology, which ensures that each round finds its target, thus keeping friendly forces safe and reducing collateral damage.”

Established in 2011 by CEO Michal Mor and CTO Avshalom Ehrlich, SMART SHOOTER’s headquarters are based in Yagur, Israel, and its American subsidiary, Smart shooter Inc., is in Virginia. Smart Shooter also has an office in Düsseldorf, Germany.

SMART SHOOTER’s SMASH technology enhances mission effectiveness through the ability to accurately engage and eliminate ground, aerial, static, or moving targets during both day and night operations. It is a very intuitive and easy-to-use solution that can be integrated into any type of assault rifle. Bringing precision-missile targeting algorithms and advanced electro-optical processing capabilities into standard infantry, SMASH can be deployed as a stand-alone solution, and can also be integrated with other external systems and sensors. With a unique technology that makes it possible for every battlefield element to be connected with every other battlefield element, SMASH creates a micro-tactical network that dramatically enhances real-time situational awareness.

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