Airborne Technologies is fully EASA Certified

Airborne Technologies announces that the final step to a fully EASA certified Design, Production and Maintenance Organisation has been made.

After being  approved as a Design and Production Organisation, Airborne Technologies now holds the EASA Maintenance Organisation (MO) approval in hands. This important and recognized certification authorizes the company to maintain and repair aviation components which are already in service.

Airborne Technologies unites all necessary skills of a modern and top-performing Special Mission Integrator under one single roof – both the necessary EASA approvals and the required production technology for:
• Carbon Fibre Composite parts
• Wiring looms
• Electronic Assemblies
• Electromechanical Components and
• Metal Works and Assemblies

The in-house flight-testing department with EASA licenced test pilots completes the performance spectrum of Airborne Technologies. Being more self-sufficient and independent of subcontractors means more flexibility for the customers allowing a faster implementation of their requirements. Airborne Technologies would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Austro Control MO team around Mr. Georg Klose for the support during this comprehensive process.

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