NEC India rolls out digital-first campaign ‘NEC Makes It Happen’

Campaign to showcase the incredible digital transformation happening in the country with NEC’s disruptive technological solutions, impacting the lives of over a billion Indians

NEC Corporation India (NEC India), a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, has launched its digital-first campaign titled ‘NEC Makes It Happen’. The first campaign following NEC India’s rebranding announcement, underpins NEC as a market leader adding value in people’s everyday lives.

The overall campaign premise underlines NEC’s promise to ‘Orchestrate a brighter world’ by leveraging technology to build a safer and secure society. The campaign seeks to strike an emotional chord with its audience through social and digital channels while showcasing the world-leading technological innovations that empower a billion Indians.

Few of the innovations implemented by NEC in India:

  •  AADHAAR, a nationwide digital identity system, enabling 1.3 billion Indians to access a wide range of valuable services
  •  Submarine cable project, powering high- speed internet in the Andamans, opening a world of possibilities for the islanders
  •  Biometric airport solutions enable faces to become boarding passes under the new normal
  • A comprehensive suite of AI-based biometric systems and solutions to ensure trust and keep India and its residents safe
  • Real-time visualization systems to enable efficient and seamless logistics systems

 Aalok Kumar, President & CEO, NEC Corporation India, said, “NEC has been a silent partner in the country’s digital transformation journey over the years, having successfully completed numerous projects across sectors. The ‘NEC Makes It Happen’ campaign aims to highlight the breakthroughs and key milestones the country has achieved with our solutions. As we now transition to the ‘Next normal’, the campaign also brings hope for a brighter and safer future.”

“Over 6,000 employees and partners have worked tirelessly to create a measurable impact in the journey to make India a digitally enabled society. This campaign is a reflection of their hard work and contribution to Indian society. At the same time, it bestows me with an increased sense of responsibility to lead society’s transformation with some of the country’s most innovative minds,” he further added.    

 Arvind Saxena, Head of Marketing and Communications, NEC Corporation India, said, “We have taken a pragmatic approach and structured this campaign aligned to our brand architecture — sticking to global values, emanating problem-solving skills, and restoring a human touch embodied by the brand. Through this digital-first campaign, we aim to kick-start deep and rich conversations on digital and social platforms. Apart from this, our internal teams continue to engage in creative storytelling and social listening to strengthen our branding efforts.”

He further added, “In 2021, we are entering into a whole new era of disruptive growth, and our marketing efforts are in tune with it. The launch of this digital-first campaign will be followed by a multimedia integrated campaign.”

Under the NEC Way, the common set of values that form the basis for how the entire NEC Group conducts itself, the campaign personifies its purpose to create the social values of safety, security, fairness and efficiency to promote a more sustainable world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential. The brand was recently featured amongst the ‘100 Most Admired Brands in India’ by White Page International and won noteworthy awards, including the ‘Digital Technology Company Award’ by World Leadership Congress and was named a ‘Dream company to work for’ in the IT sector by World HRD Congress.

NEC is a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies and brings more than 121 years of expertise in technological innovation to provide solutions for empowering people, businesses, and society. Headquartered in Japan, NEC started operations in India in the 1950s, accelerating its growth through the expansion of business to global markets. NEC in India expanded its business from telecommunications to public safety, logistics, transportation, retail, finance, unified communication, and IT platforms, serving across governments, businesses as well as individuals. With its Centre of Excellence for analytics platform solutions, big data, biometrics, mobile and retail, NEC in India offers innovative new services and solutions for India and global markets.

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