Russia demonstrates the digital simulation system for training in ground, naval & air combat at IDEX

IDEX 2021 in Abu Dhabi saw the official presentation by the Rosoboronexport of the Spektr-7E software & hardware system, intended for recreating the complex environment of warfare both at the command and ground levels.

The system, designed by the Moscow-based RPA RusBITech company, ensures the integration of simulators of weapons and military equipment for various purposes into a single virtual battlefield, which allows the multiple training of military personnel and formations. It spares the resources by replacing the actual training battlespace with the virtual one. The system can be used for training of both headquarters staff and battle units from all services and branches, for simulation of ground, naval and air combat activities.

“Modern weapons and military equipment, as well as recent innovative technologies used in the warfare engagement require the highest level of combat training and combat readiness. In order to meet the current requirements it is necessary to integrate all training facilities into the joint training environment. But what is the basis for integration? The answer is very clear. It is LVC – live-virtual-constructive integration solutions. The LVC concept could combine all levels of training for commanders, HQ and units in the integrated training system”, – said the speaker at the presentation of the Spektr-7E in Abu Dhabi.

The Spektr-7E encompasses a set of simulators and trainer systems (depending on the mission) and has two major versions: HQ (C2) Synthetic Training System (HQSTS) and Tactical Environment Simulation and Simulators Integration System (TESSIS).

HQSTS provides training for the HQ staff in general operational planning, planning of fire weapons coordination, missiles and artillery troops, aviation, air defense and navy engagement, planning of reconnaissance, control and communications, as well for planning of special troops actions.

TESSIS is intended for individual and group (crew, units) tactical training and includes simulation and 3D visualization of combat activities. It extends capabilities of simulators and other training systems through the integration of all its components into joint training environment.

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